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The Two Sides of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods dissapointed millions of fans by living a double life
Tiger Woods dissapointed millions of fans by living a double life
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Tiger Woods projected a family man image in order to build a $1 billion empire fueled by corporate sponsors. Tiger projected that family man image, while leading apparently a double life with connections to multiple women, including porn stars, and with allegations now of indiscriminate use of Ambien. That deception allowed Tiger to fool us all into believing that he was a good role model for kids across the world.

He's obviously not.

Meanwhile, it is somewhat ironic that the often troubled golfer John Daly has shed over 100 pounds and is contemplating a book and a movie. He seems to be getting his act together after many mistakes in life. Daly is beloved by many fans, who always seem to be able to look past his transgressions.

So why is Daly given a pass when Tiger Woods is now being crucified in the media?

We think the answer is simple. John Daly has been open and honest about his battles with alcohol, four ex-wives, and carousing with women. Daly, has been just open and accessible to people, signing nearly every autograph requested at PGA tournaments.

Tiger Woods has been a different story.

The man has been so guarded about his life. It was hard to know Tiger Woods as a person, he barely said anything except politically correct answers. That detachment was thought necessary by many as a way to maintain some sort of privacy for his family, despite being the most famous athlete in the world. Now we know that Tiger's guardedness was a way to keep his sexual deviancy going. Tiger projected the image of the all--American family man when he was the exact opposite. The image that Tiger Woods and his people projected only made it even more disappointing when we learned none of it was true. And it gets even worse now when Tiger's people apparently are offering millions to silence scores of woment. Tiger Woods was not who we thought he was--nor who Tiger's people made us believe he was. That deception may be the biggest disappointment of all.



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