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The Two Man Gentlemen Band - Northside Tavern, 2010-06-27

Andy Bean of The Two Man Gentlemen Band performs at Northside Tavern in Cincinnati.
Andy Bean of The Two Man Gentlemen Band performs at Northside Tavern in Cincinnati.
photo by Rusty Pate

Stepping through the door at Northside Tavern on Sunday, June 27 felt like walking through a portal to another time.

The Two Man Gentlemen Band from New York City was already blistering through their take on turn-of-the-century roots music. The duo consists of Andy Bean on tenor guitar and Fuller Condon on stand-up bass. The vibe was decidedly old school.

“We both listen to a lot of 1920s and 1930s dance band records, but all our songs are original,” said Bean. “When we sit down to write music, what we listen to comes out.”

The group’s fashion style also echoes the music.

“Our outfits recall the time too, although my suit is probably from the 1970s instead of the 1920s” said Bean.

“Just a couple guys looking nice,” Condon said.

“I think that’s timeless – no expiration date on looking good,” said Bean.

The show included these types of comedic exchanges between both the performers and the audience.

With song titles such as “There’s Something in My Trousers,” it is obvious these guys don’t take themselves too serious, but Bean said the Vaudeville-like bits flow spontaneously.

“It’s a small exaggeration of our personalities,” Bean said. “I’m the gregarious, talkative fellow and [Condon] is kind of the straight man.”

Condon viewed it another way.

“I was thinking about tickle fights,” Condon said. “We can’t have those on stage, so we have verbal tickle fights.”

The band’s sixth album, “Dos Amigos Una Fiesta!” is due out August 31 on Serious Business Records, but fans can buy the album at the shows and from the group’s website.

This show marked the band’s fourth trip to the Queen City and the room was full of kazoo loving, old-timey appreciating music lovers. The band will be back in the area on Aug. 28 when they play the Whispering Beard Folk Festival in Mountain View, Kent.

For more pictures from the show, click here.


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