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The Twilight Zone in which we live


'A state of surrealism, where things that should NOT make sense seem to do so' may echo the thinking of many Americans today. The Twilight Zone, originally beginning as a TV show followed by movies, may now describe our reasoning.

'The mental state between reality and fantasy' seems to be blurred now. Lying is often expected from others, and frequently people may be unable to distinguish a lie from the truth. The article, Lying and Deceiving: It's still considered bad behavior, comments on the lack of honesty in our country today.

Could we possibly have an imaginary leader? Americans were advised that their president's credentials needed to be examined, but months of continuous campaigning and re-election followed while all records remained sealed.

How long will Americans remain in this 'hypnotic' state?

In his article, A Country Unhinged, Victor Hanson states, "Nothing seems real anymore," and he refers to unreliable "facts" in our news by stating, "Does anyone care?" He questions the "tragedy" of the Libya cover-up, saying, "How exactly did national-security and military affairs come to resemble Keeping Up with the Kardashians?"

An article yesterday, Rival Of Petraeus Mistress May Be A Spy, by Kris Zane suggests that Jill Kelly, who dined in the White House on September 28, 2012, may not be a "citizen" and "may have been a spy." Security clearance, no problem!

Greta van Susteren's video interview with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA), GOP Congressman: Obama Can't Utter The Words 'Muslim Terrorist Attack,' compares notes regarding the untruths which Americans have been expected to believe for over two months sinch the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

An excerpt from William Jasper's New American essay, Benghazigate: The Disaster That Should Have Sunk Obama -- and Still Could describes "Aid for Terrorists but Not for Americans" and calls Americans "expendable."

The editorial, Obama's Economy: What We've Learned Since Re-election, on describes the economy as being much worse than previously publicized, listing grim statistics regarding our economy which were withheld before the November 6 election.

In our present dream-like state, Americans who work hard are being forced to purchase multiple cell phones for some people, enough food to cause obesity for many food stamp recipients, rent, and free medical care for millions of people, citizens or not.

In the illusionary world of many people, businesses can simply be 'forced by the government' to provide Obamacare for all employees or forced to pay higher salaries, redistributing the wealth from the rich to the poor. Reality is 'businesses are laying off employees, cutting hours to part time, closing their business, or passing the extra cost to the consumer.' Within days of the election, Dennys announced that an "Obamacare surcharge" will be added to each customer's bill.

'Free' government healthcare may have theoretically arrived, but jobs are vanishing in massive numbers. In just 12 days since the election, a list of 100,000 layoffs has been announced.

Although Union leaders were warned that Hostess might be forced to close, they clung to their 'hope.' Negotiations ended with Hostess closing, leaving 18,500 employees without jobs.

Many people seem fearful of voicing their opinion - - while our country becomes stranger and stranger.

Defying unrealistic thinking while running for Senator in Illinois recently, Dr. Barbara Bellar honestly and vividly described her thoughts about Obamacare in a viral video which has received over 3 1/2 million hits. She recently appeared on Greta, saying that she had been fired from the hospital in Illinois although her record at the hospital was excellent.

Will our country's 'nightmarish state' continue? Many don't think so.

Victor Hanson adds his prediction for America in A Country Unhinged, stating, "When this is all over we are going to see several resignations, even more discredit to what is left of what is now largely a state-run media, and a vivid human face to all the declinist statistical talk of America in material and moral crisis. The state is set for reform like we have never seen it, from those who are not invested in Big Washington, Big Military, Big Intelligence, Big Banks, Big Wall Street, big anything that seems to have developed a toxic careerism in the revolving-door, New York-Washington corridor."

The wandering Zombies among us need to get a 'HUGE cup of coffee' and wake up.

Their trance-like world appears to be crumbling. . . . . . . and their TWINKIES are gone!


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