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The truth of the voyage of Christopher Columbus would shock many

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In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. What baby boomer, earlier generation, or later has not heard of the exploits of Christopher Columbus sailing in search of a new trade route to obtain a shorter passage to China? The fear of falling off the Earth was a danger many sailors were terrified since many believed the planet was flat.

However the real reason has been whitewashed from history by revisionism as a preponderance of historical evidence known only by a handful of truth seekers disclose a more dire reason Columbus set sail from Spain, and it was not to find a more efficient trade route to acquire spices as spun in elementary, intermediate, high school, and sorrowfully also in many college courses.

Antisemitism is an insidious cancer that drives revisionism and it is also not surprising the same forces are at work today attempting to gut Christianity which was birthed from the Jewish religion. There is opposition against the Yahweh God of the Torah and Bible entrenched in philosophies and even other religions of today and yesterday. Persecution against Jews and Christians is documented, but the lengths gone to undermine the Jewish religion can be uncovered in the story of the beginning voyage of Columbus.

On the day of departure for the three ships Columbus led, he ordered his crew to be ready to depart by 11pm, one hour before a decree called the Edict of Expulsion was executed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella which birth the beginning of the Spanish Inquisition. It would be illegal for any Jew to be on Spanish soil.

All property of the Jews was confiscated and absorbed into the Spanish treasury as during the Inquisition over 250,000 Jews were killed, and one and a half million Jews fled Spain in terror for their lives. Ironically the Edict of Expulsion coincided with the destruction of the Jewish Temple by Titus in 70AD where another mass exodus and genocide took place.

Jews that traveled to Spain from the Roman Emperor Titus were called Sephardim. Those Jews that were forced to convert to Christianity in Spain were called Marranos, but continued secretly to practice their Jewish faith. To those labeled Marranos, they would call themselves "Maranatha", a description that would surprise many Christians that have adopted the term "Maranatha" into some of its religious culture. To the Spaniards, "Maranatha" meant "pig or curse."

With the massive number of Jews coming to the Spanish ports seeking to escape, Columbus believed he could find a country for them to take refuge. Columbus was a practicing Marrano Jew himself and his motivation for sailing searching for "a new route" was more closely associated to seeking out the ten lost tribes of Israel. Columbus was so convinced of this aspect that he kept a Hebrew interpreter on board to converse with the lost tribes once contact was made.

Financing for the mammoth undertaking of Columbus' voyage has been claimed to be by Queen Isabella's "jewels". This was not the case as Isabella's "Jews" were chiefly responsible for providing fiscal support. The Jews that supported Columbus were mathematicians, astronomers, and physicians that contributed the finances to the cause Columbus championed.

The Jews in Spain were forced to wear yellow patches on their clothing as a visual reminder of who they were so they could be easily identified. The very same process became a practice of the Nazis centuries later when they required the Jews to wear a yellow star so they could also be easily identified.

Amerigo Vespucci was a very influential Jew who greatly assisted in putting together the second voyage of Columbus and Vespucci's detailed writings became known as the "lands of Amerigo" which greatly contributed to the naming of the new lands "America". One would need to dig deeply into history to find out there are reasons why America and Israel have a close bond through the spirituality of the Jewish and Christian religion and general history.

Whitewashing history has been an evil intent with revisionists and haters of Jewish and Christian people for centuries concerning American and Jewish history. The same motive is being used today to undermine not only Christianity, but the Jewish religion which gave birth to it.

Few would know that persecution of the Jews was a significant reason the exploration of the new lands took place.



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