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The Truth: Jesus loves Us

There are few truths more evident than one that stares straight in our face this time of year. No, I am not talking about the Easter Bunny hopping down the bunny trial or how tough it is for children to find eggs deftly hidden from their view. I am not talking about wearing pastel colors and big hats excited for the final arrival of spring after a long and cold winter. I am not even talking about an urgency which draws folk to church to praise Jesus on Easter. I am talking about a Biblical truth that has nothing to do with traditions created by the retail industry. Or traditions wrought in showy fashion choices. I am talking about a deeply profound, spirit building truth.

This truth is self-evident. This truth stands firm in often luke warm, unsteady, double mindedness. This truth is powerful and empowering. This truth not only rivals but sets the record straight from all the lies the devil would have us believe. The truth is that we are all well loved by Jesus Christ, our Savior. His blood, oh His blood, is a perfect indication of how deeply we are thought of. With the present state of our economy and divorce rate, it can be easy to get caught up in feeling low and depressed. We can feel defeated and less than victorious. However, it is through strong faith and enduring dedication to believing and living in the Word of God that we can see thru all the things met to make us question our faith. When we have single vision upon the Word of God, we are constantly reminding ourselves of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We expect to be liked. Why? Jesus wasn’t always revered. We expect to be appreciated for our service. Why? Jesus saved us! Yet we don’t always remember His sacrifice or how much He loves us. We expect to be strong and take credit for all the good things happening in our lives. Why? A humble man is a man fully focused on serving Jesus, not self. What good is it to gain the whole world yet lose our soul?

While staying strong in faith takes effort and focus, in the midst of struggle we must always remember Jesus. He was hung up for us. He was beaten for us. He was denied and betrayed for us. He was so forgiving and focused on us that even though He was crucified, He rose just as He said he would. Not for his benefit, but for ours. There is no greater truth than that.

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