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The truth hurts

Tell me what I don't want to hear!
Tell me what I don't want to hear!
© Paul Moore |

You're heading out to a mutual friends party in Mays Landing.  It's a lavish affair fit for your finest frock!  You put your little black dress on, dangling gold earrings, and ridiculously cool boots.  You look hot!

You turn to your significant other for the inevitable compliment and...


Your temperature slowly rises; you feel your perfectly placed makeup start to streak from the heat of your red face.  Is he blind?  Can he not see how incredibly dazzling you look?  If you strutted your stuff through Borgata right now head's would turn in a snapping motion to look your way.  How can he have zero reaction to your vision of beauty?


He leaves you no choice but to come out and ask the question.  "Well, how do I look?"

Hesitation...  Deep breathe...  Fake, cheesy smile...  "Good."

Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Now you know something is wrong!  Either he is delusional or you've miscalculated your gorgeousness.  There's only one way to know for sure....  Call in the big guns!  Your BFF!!

The moment you enter the party you head over to where she is.  You come right out with it.  "Do you like this outfit?"

Her response follows quickly and easily.  "It's okay, not my favorite on you though.  It doesn't flatter your figure very much.BOOM!  Quick sting and it's over.  You stagger back ever so slightly and then steady yourself.  You hadn't realized that this dress was a miss.  You were so certain it was your boyfriend that was!

Why couldn't he have simply said what your BFF just plainly stated?  You never would have worn this dud of an outfit tonight if he'd just been honest!  Sure the truth hurts at first, but it's a quick recovery and an easy fix!  How could he not know that you'd rather hear the truth than show up at this party looking less than fabulous?

The moral of the story:  Don't ask your significant other for an honest opinion of something you really don't want the answer to, ask your BFF instead.

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