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The truth has fallen in the streets regarding child abuse

Child abuse focus can be more political than criminal as demonstrated in the state of California.

Is everything in our society going political? There once was a time when one can trust what is being declared whether in the newspapers, television, or from our neighborhood church. The education system in California was a model not only for the nation, but for the world. California’s education system now ranks near the bottom.

The credo of newspapers, television, and radio is the infamous tag “if it bleeds, it leads”. This standard is designed to generate immediate interest, but does it present a true description of what is happening in the world around us?

The majority of Americans still claim Christianity as their religion, however many churches subscribing to be Christian are beginning to reject the very standards that distinguishes their Christianity or Biblical foundation. A great apostasy is taking place in our present generation as warned in prophetic utterances in the Bible.

We are witnessing the result of our society putting a high priority on personal gratification and wavering morality. The moral relativism which is still being taught to our children is producing standards where expression of personal feelings or selfish desires supersedes all else. If you obtain personal satisfaction then that should be your prime goal.

Creating your own personal reality is manifesting itself in destructive behaviors as demonstrated in mass shootings, violent brutality, unhealthy sexual expression, and deceptive practices designed to hide brutish behavior.

Instead of dealing with the problem, it is preferred to be swept under the rug and pretend the problem does not exist. There is no better area to examine than society’s ever plunging standard regarding sexuality.

Naturally when the sordid subject of sexual child abuse is brought up, attention is typically focused on the Catholic Church which has a history of priests engaging in the sexual abuse of children. Catholics make a convenient target particularly by the media which enjoys running countless exposes on the failings of priests running a foul to their vows.

The Catholic Church has roughly 400,000 priests to manage and little has been reported of the previous Pope Benedict opening over 400 cases on priests for sexual abuse. This amounts to about a tenth of one percent of all priests involving the Catholic clergy. This record is criticized profusely, but the Catholic Church has far better record than most others.

It is estimated that for every one child abuse victim of the Catholic Church, there are 100 victims of child abuse at the hands of school teachers. The Department of Education estimated that from 6 to 10 percent of all students in public schools would be victims of abuse before graduation. This dwarfs the sexual abuse problems plaguing the Catholic Church. Why does the media focus mainly on the Catholic Church?

Just using California’s largest school district, the Los Angeles Unified School District, during a four-year period 600 teachers were fired, resigned, or were facing sanctions because of inappropriate conduct relating to students. Intellectualism or even being highly educated with a PhD does not isolate one from the sin of sexually abusing children.

How ugly is the school sexual abuse problem? The California Assembly in 2012 considered a bill that would make it “easier” to fire a teacher in sex abuse cases. The catch word is “easier” implying that there is difficulty purging teachers accused of abuse. Is the goal to protect the children or the abusers?

Additionally there are barriers in place that protects pedophile teachers from being prosecuted for past sins unlike the treatment of the Catholic Church which is subject to decades of past liability. Does the phrase double standard come to mind? Biting the hand that feeds you just is not politically expedient.

The seriousness of placing punishment on child abuse behavior varies from whether the group is conservative or liberal. Punishing conservative organizations as the Catholic Church or Boy Scouts is a definitive yes while punishing more liberal groups as the entertainment industry and teaching organization is a definite maybe.

When one views the political posturing taking place in the California legislature, one gets the impression that this prejudice is in place when it comes to legislation or enforcement. This selective outrage sends a poor message regarding the commitment to really get tough about sexual abuse.

The entertainment industry has tolerance to one of their own being accused of child molestation. There are still industry members receiving accolades for work while avoiding accountability for past abuses. This should receive the proper attention instead of worrying how early a Christian singer leaves the Grammy awards.

There should be balance and justice towards those with unpunished past child abuse cases and not just the Catholic Church or the Boy Scout organization.

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