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The truth about workout weight gain

Muscle is a good thing!
Muscle is a good thing!
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Workout weight gain is a reality. It is imperative that fitness professionals fore worn clients of the very real possibility that they could gain weight before they begin to lose, especially if they are within a few pounds of their target weight. This is important to stave off disappointment and maintain motivation.

It is no secret that muscle weighs more than fat and sometimes that message is thrown out in passing but is not always elaborated on. What does muscle weighing more than fat have to do with anything? Why does it matter.

As previously stated, when a person begins a diet and workout program he or she automatically expects to see immediate results. Many times people start out full speed ahead, some try to increase their weight loss goals by working out up to two times a day with hopes of losing more weight than with just one time daily. This approach usually works well for those significantly over weight. The body has probably been fairly sedentary and the voluminous increase in activity alone can jump start fat burn. In turn, weight loss is realized. But for a person that is within 10 or so pounds of their ideal weight this approach may backfire and cause them to "gain" weight (muscle) instead and they will not see the decrease they want when they step on the scale.

Not as much is spoken of for those who are closer to their weight loss goals. Focus is almost always on the significantly heavier portion of the population (and with good reason since obesity is also connected to many deadly diseases). People who are not as heavier though are those who feel a constant sense of frustration about those stubborn ten pounds that they just can't lose. This sector of the population are usually the ones who fill the health clubs preparing for weddings, family reunions or class reunions. These are the folks that may find that the more they work out the heavier they get.

The reason why people who are not significantly overweight may gain weight when they work out intensely (especially doing resistance training) is because at this point fat burn is not happening rapidly enough and muscle gain is consistently taking place.

The long and short of it is, you can lose weight while still gaining muscle (which is the ultimate goal), but there is a bit of a trick to the process. Your cardio routine has to stay in fat burn mode and your diet must also be changed to a fat burning regimen as well.

At the end of it all, one must ask themselves which is more important the number on the scale or the way one looks and feels. In other words, would you rather be skinny and flabby or slightly fuller with great muscle tone and definition? The choice is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Images of Serena Williams, Gabrielle Reece and Jada Pinkett-Smith come to mind as stella examples of how muscle looks a whole lot better than bone skinny models with gaunt faces and joints that protrude farther than their curves. Rachel Frederickson should consider putting on about 10 extra pounds of muscle now that she has lost enough weight to beat out her competitors on the Biggest Loser. Her physical state on the night of the reveal was nothing short of disturbing in drastic contrast to the strong athletic figure of the home winner, Tumi Oguntala.

One more thing to remember is that muscle (especially for small framed females) helps to combat Osteoporosis. Muscle helps maintain good posture. Muscle burns fat. Finally, muscle maintains a youthful body structure longer.

Though it can be daunting to start a workout program for weight loss only to find that at the end of a week you have actually gained three pound instead of losing the desired five you intended, keep in mind that if you stick with it, that process will actually balance out. You will eventually begin to move the scale if you stick with it. Just know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, muscle may weigh more than fat, but muscle looks way better than fat too. So don't let that initial weight gain hinder you from reaching your ultimate weight loss goals.

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