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The truth about waxing

Dare to go bare
Dare to go bare
UNIK wax

The truth is shaving is a chore which is why so many avoid doing it during the colder months. Well fact is the sun is starting to shine for longer hours these days and the peach fuzz that we have grown out on our legs and elsewhere will be a fright. Yes time to lose the Chewbacca look!

Though there are many forms of hair removal one that is very popular is waxing. Plus with bikini season fast approaching it will once again be the choice that many choose in order to be smooth during those divine warm 80 degree summer days. "I've come to find that Brazilian and full bikini waxes are the most popular among women," says Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers. The big trend it seems is to remove everything from the front as well as the back.

But is this type of maintenance limited to just women?

Dare to go bare
Although 80 percent of Grupenmager female clients choose to take it all off, over 35 percent of her male customers are also pretty conscious of their appearance. "Manscaping is more popular today than it was two years ago, says Grupenmager. Plus once they try it they always seem to come back. It is now a part of the their hygienic routine like cutting of the nails and shaving their beards, she says. That's good to hear because it should be equal rights for all.

Avoid the ouch!
For those who have sensitive skin you shouldn't shy away from going for that all over smooth feeling. Waxing has come a long way Grupenmager advises that you find one that suits your individual needs. If you tend to get red and irritated after waxing you should look for a salon that uses an all natural, elastic wax. The movement provided by an elastic wax can help because our skin moves and an elastic wax adapts better to that. If your salon doesn't have that there are other forms that can be used for sensitive skin. Just make sure that's known before the process begins.