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The truth about voter ID

The truth about voter ID. The Midterm elections will take place in six months. Polling data suggests Republicans could make huge gains by capturing the majority in the Senate and increasing their control in the House. Democrats are desperate making unfounded charges about ‘Racist Republicans.’ Yet, the most visible Republicans are Texas Senator Ted Cruz, South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, none of whom are White.

Democrats are fighting vehemently any voter ID laws and making cries of racism. When truth be told, voter ID is the best way to conduct a proper election by reducing fraud. In 2004 in Washington State, 1,800 ballots were cast attributed to the same address in Seattle, which enabled Democrat Christine Gregoire to win gubernatorial race. In 2008, approximately 1,500 ballots were mysteriously found in a car during the recount of the Minnesota Senate race between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken. To no surprise, Franken won.

Democrats deny voter fraud exists. An Ohio woman bragged she voted for President Obama six times. These suspicious ballots which showed up in Minnesota and Washington only allowed a Democrat to win. Of course Democrats brag there is no voter fraud.

Any Democrat ally including the ACLU and any liberal group will contest voter ID laws. Their other claim is people are intimidated, another dishonest lie. Anybody with a conscience and a brain knows proper ID is necessary to open a bank account, cash a check, gain entrance in most government buildings and yes, travel by plane.

The argument is shameful. Proper ID is required to enter any Detroit Public School. Are Detroit schools racist? The ID laws prevent Democrats from cheating. The State of Michigan requires photo ID. However, the state will definitely accommodate that voter provided he is willing to sign an affidavit. Many states issue identification for no charge.

Photo identification is not foolproof but it certainly reduces obvious corruption at the ballot box. Voting is the people’s measure to ensure government accountability. It should be respected by all.

Final Thought: Any Democrat with a sister or daughter still willing to support the Clinton is as unconscionable at they are.

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