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The truth about Spundies

Meet your new fav pair of undies...Spundies
Meet your new fav pair of undies...Spundies
Photo by Spundies

By now, you have probably heard about the latest underwear craze- Spundies! You must admit that their sleek convenient packaging is appealing? However, how can one pair of underwear fit all different sizes of women? Are these undies cheaply made because you have to throw them away after one use? These questions could not be further from the truth! Spundies is of the highest quality that you will own. They are made from a specially designed elasticized fabric that adheres to a women's body like a glove. Therefore, they fit everyone comfortably and seamlessly. No more ugly panty lines or red welts on your body when you take them off!

Bianca Pillon, Creative Director & Vice President of Spundies further elaborates “It was a Girls’ Night Out that was the catalyst that gave birth to “Spundies.... spare pair a undies!” From there it has been an amazing ride to breathe life into the brand and create a product that suits every Woman for every occasion and every awkward moment that we as women have to deal with. Better yet once you get your Spundies, you won’t want to wear anything else. The comfit, fit, invisible and embarrassing panty line, convenient packaging and wash and wear in 10 minutes factors, we believe, will revolutionize the underwear market and the way women buy underwear in the future.”

Spundies are not designed as a "one time use" pair of underwear. They are simply packaged in a convenient tin that lets you place or hide them anywhere. For example, you can easily keep them in your wallet for an emergency. However, they are also discreet enough to be kept loose in a bag or a drawer. You will be able to open them at your own whim even without an urgent need for them. Spundies were designed for active women who need underwear at a moment's notice. They are highly durable and wash and wear countless times. Therefore, there is no reason why you should throw them out after one use. Just stick them in the washer, and they will be ready to go in 10 minutes.

Julie Pillon, CEO of Spundies explains “We understand what women want because we are all women. To have a pair of undies that fits, in a little tin that slides into that little pocket in your handbag is a dream come true! After two years in the making and getting it JUST RIGHT! We are incredibly excited to launch our new brand to market, the answer to every Women’s nightmare! For “Spundies.... spare pair a undies!”, my team and I have taken great care and lots and lots of hours in testing to get this right in terms of fit, benefits and comfort to suit all Women. The best part is we’re launching Spundies everywhere so consumers can now buy the best undies ever 24 hours a day, anywhere anytime!

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