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The truth about isolationism Rand Paul Ron Paul and the republican party

Mike Shaner
Mike Shaner
Mary Katherine Morris

Jennifer Rubin, a well known war monger who uses her blog Right Turn as a vehicle to promote neoconservative propaganda wrote a Rand Paul hit piece on March 30, 2014. Of the many erroneous claims in her blog post, perhaps none were more alarming than her obsessive attempts to paint Rand Paul as an isolationist.

This isn't a new strategy...isolationism is a neocon buzzword...the blod thirsty establishment has tried for years to change the definition of the word by painting Ron Paul with the same deceptive brush.

For so long Ron Paul, and now to a lesser degree Rand Paul, have preached the philosophy of peace, friendship, and free trade, or to quote Thomas Jefferson: "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations...entangling alliances with none."

Isolationism and noninterventionism are two very different, actually, polar opposite things. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and even Jennifer Rubin know this, they just don't care. It's much easier to fight against "isolationism" than peace and "hey, let's just redefine words."

True isolationist do not believe in trading with other countries, they are not looking for friendship, the goal of an isolationist is to...well...isolate themselves from other nations. What both Dr Pauls believe is the exact opposite, Basicallyit's "hey, let's be friends, let's do business together, let's have mutual interest that allow us to all profit, but if you guys have a disagreement...settle it among yourselves."

People like John McCain and Jennifer Rubin would have you believe if you aren't sticking your noses in everybody's business and trying to blow them up...well, you're an isolationist.

Try this at home: go door to door and tell your neighbors you know what is best for them and they need to manage their personal affairs in the same way you do... if not you will be forced to make sure they suffer economic hardship...and maybe you'll give them a good old fashioned punch in the nose. After that come back and tell me who the isolationist really are.

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