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The truth about how to keep your New Year's resolutions

This year, don't fall into the same old pattern when it comes to your New Year's resolutions.
This year, don't fall into the same old pattern when it comes to your New Year's resolutions.

It's the second week of January and hopefully, if you've made any, your New Year's resolutions still remain unbroken. Motivation and the desire to succeed, accomplish, and prevail in your New Year's goals should still be pushing you forward. However, if you are like most people, this will only last for a few more weeks as January turns into February and the newness of a fresh start begins to fade and the normality of life settles in.

Whether you made one New Year's resolution or twenty, chances are that your goals have something to do with self improvement, whether that's in the form of weight loss, improved nutrition, or a combination of both. In order to continue to succeed, or succeed at keeping your New Year's resolutions for the very first time in your life, you need to allow yourself to be confronted with the truth about diet and fitness. Sometimes the truth hurts, yet the truth is also a much needed wake up call to keep or get you motivated and move you towards lasting change.

The following is a diet and fitness New Year's resolution cheat sheet that will, in the end, help you to reach your goals. These facts will keep you from pursuing those tricks and fads that have leave you giving up on all your goals in just a few short weeks.

Truth #1: Going to the gym while continuing to eat the same type of unhealthy foods won't lead to results. You may end up burning calories and possibly losing weight, but you will never look how you want to.

Truth #2: The exercise gimmick you got for Christmas or bought at a post-Christmas sale won't make you look like the model on the box. Fitness models are hired to model for fitness equipment, fitness models who follow a strict, disciplined diet and work out hard and regularly.

Truth #3: Buying a gym membership is like buying a gift card. You don't get anything out of it until you use it.

Truth #4: Drinking a New Year's "cleanse" of maple syrup, cayenne and water won't cleanse your system or lead to lasting weight loss. You may lose a few pounds from not eating food for an extended period of time (who wouldn't?), but you'll be irritable and not much fun to be around the whole time. And, when it's all said and done, you'll probably gain more weight than you lost because you'll be so hungry and end up stuffing your face with any and every thing you can find.

Truth #5: Taking a class at the gym or doing a workout isn't necessarily going to help you lose weight unless you're giving it one hundred percent. Unless you're working hard during the time you're at the gym, you'll be wasting your time and just taking up space.

Truth #6: If poor eating, inactivity, and weight gain are symptoms of what are in fact deep-rooted emotional or spiritual issues, making a New Year's resolution in an attempt to fix these symptoms won't do you much good. You will continue to fail and never reach your goals because you will never be addressing the real problems, such as poor self image, laziness, or your emotional relationship with food. When you realize and acknowledge the deep-rooted issues, the symptoms will become much easier to address.

When it comes to changing your lifestyle, transforming your body, and losing weight, this year won't be any different from last year unless you do something different. Don't just make a blanket resolution and do the cliche things to achieve it, but allow yourself to be confronted with the truths about diet and fitness and for once, believe them. Being honest with yourself begins when you examine what the real issues are in your life that you're subconsciously trying fix by making a New Year's resolution.

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