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The Truth About Healing Naturally With Organic Eating: Part I

The Effects Of Contaminants On Food
The Effects Of Contaminants On Food
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Natural remedies have always been a controversial subject as it compares to conventional medicines/drug use. While Natural remedies have a lasting healing effect on it's patients, conventional drugs are like a bandage, with many known side effects that are as drastic as death. With money being the conflicting factor in modern day society, as it pertains to the natural remedy verses conventional drug use, many medical professional are afraid to speak up about the truthful effects of organic eating and natural cures. In a series of articles, I will give information about the benefits of organic eating and the proven facts about why it is important to stop the use of many prescribed drugs as medical professionals continue to push it's usage to fill their own pockets with your money knowing that what they are giving you would never be deemed as a cure, but only a bandage causing more damage.

I will begin with the difference between organic eating verses conventional eating. If you are looking for a healthy way of life, and would like to get rid of the medications that you are taking for any debilitated disease in your body, the most important way of doing such is by way of re-evaluated what you are putting in your body. We are what we eat, and if we are not eating correctly, it is a huge chance that disease could enter your body. However, there are ways to change this natural effect. Many of the foods that are in your local supermarkets are contaminated with drugs, hormones, insecticides and pesticides. All of the listed contaminants are not good for the body/human intake. These contaminants cause major illnesses that are related to death, and none of the distribution companies that are filling our markets with food are being honest enough to tell you the truth about the horrifying effects. This is because it is a chain reaction to the medical field which heaps off of the sick patients that they need to fill their hospitals and to take their prescribed medications. If everyone ate organically, no one would be sick as a result of the foods that enter their bodies, and there wouldn't be such a high demand for prescribed medications, and many medical professionals would loose tons of money.

If you eat organically, it is a guarantee that your body is receiving all that it needs, and you are not being poisoned. Contaminants are dirty, bad, and unclean substances that are added to the original substance or thing. They should not be added to foods, and if they are people should a least be made aware of what is in their food so that they can have a choice as to whether they would like to put the food in their bodies or not.

Pesticides and Insecticides are at the top of the list when it comes to contaminants being added to the foods in the supermarkets. They are used to plant fruits and vegetables in order to keep bugs from eating them while they are in their growth process, however, they are not good for the body, the brain or the nervous system. They quietly eat away at the healthy parts of your being causing disease to grow. See ( And even while there is a safer way to grow fruits, and vegetables, still pesticides and insecticides are being used without consumers understanding the negative effects that these toxins have on their health. Both of the above toxins have been linked to diseases like Cancer, ADHD, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Chronic digestive problems and many more diseases and the biggest problem with it's diagnosis is that due to the time constraint between the diagnosis and the food intake it is almost impossible to determine exactly when the disease has entered your body. See (

Drug induced contaminants have a similar story. There are the Antibiotic drugs, and the Hormones which are injected into the bodies of living animals. Recent studies show that many sick animals have been injected with these drugs and sold to local markets and as a result the contaminated meat caused a chain reaction to those who ingested the meat and many people became very sick, even death occurred in many causes. These drugs have a negative effect on those who ingest the meats that the contaminants are injected into and are affiliated with diseases like Cancer, MAD cow disease, ADHD, Chronic digestive problems, Youth obesity and many more diseases. See ( Everyday consumers have no idea what they are in for when they purchase meat products from their local supermarkets, and after a large consumption of these toxins, the results are detrimental without the understanding or ability to trace it's killer. It's domino effect lands in the hands of a medical doctors, diagnosis, prescribed medications, or hospitalization. Please see Article: Consumer Reports: Meat On Drugs - Consumer Reports Online

It is required that studies and a thorough evaluation is done before any of the animals are injected, fruits and vegetables are sprayed and enter the markets in order to make sure that the amounts are not lethal. See ( However, any amount of the contaminants that enter the body are toxic and not good for the digestive system, especially after long periods of time entering the body. This is why it is important that the FDA/Food And Drug Administration and the USDA/United States Department Of Agriculture take accountability for it's actions and be truthful to consumers and the damages that are taking place as a result of the toxins that are being sprayed and injected into their food. See (ttp:// It is a known fact that if the FDA/USDA would be %100 truthful to consumers, without the contamination of the foods in our market the medical field would be plumished.

Note: This is the 1st of a 5 story series

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