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The Truth About Being Single

A dear friend of mine is going through some difficult relationship issues right now. She recently broke things off with someone she really cared for and she’s struggling and believing it’s not ever going to get better. We were on our way to lunch at our regular spot in Nashville and I was trying to be her shoulder to cry on and offer my best advice. You know the “yes, of course you’ll find someone else, someone who will cherish you and love you” speech. She looked over and causally mentioned that I was lucky that I didn’t have to worry about these things anymore. I was really struck by the statement. She was absolutely right. I never have to worry about being single again.

The Truth About Being Single

According to the book The Truth About Being Single women are being told to accept lies.

"The lie that you are supposed to love being single. The lie that if you do not love being single, you do not love yourself. The authors wrote the book to say: It is okay that you would rather be married than single. It is okay that being single is not how you thought your life would be. It is okay that you do not want to have to do it all, all alone, all the time. It is okay to feel that you would be happier in a loving, nurturing marriage."

I remember being single and at times being bored, scared, sad and just plain over being alone. I couldn’t stand that fact that I was over thirty and still unattached. Some people handle it well and love being single. I was never one of those people. I longed for companionship and a partner I could share my life with. Now that I’m married, I love knowing that I have dinner and weekend plans for the rest of my life, even if that only includes drive-thru Mickey D’s and a Redbox DVD. Having someone to always talk to about your day, your boss, and your life is a blessing.

Sure, marriage isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. It’s hard work but its well worth it and something I wouldn’t trade in for the world. I really do feel lucky.

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