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The Truth about Beavercreek Bus Stops, Race and Class.

Buses Downtown
Buses Downtown
Dayton RTA

Like it or not, but the decision to allow 3 bus stops in Beavercreek is the Law, and has been the law since 1964 under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of the United States of America. This is contrary to the Racial Conservative belief that is prevalent in this area that the bus stops were allowed due to some whim of a Civil Rights group. The City of Beavercreek has been violating the law. You can't legally discriminate against the movements in transit of Minorities and Poor Folks.

During Slavery and Jim Crow, Black Movements where highly controlled, and if you weren't where a White Man told you to be you were in big trouble. This is why we have such laws today, as America has always shown a propensity to try to control the movements of Blacks- especially Black Men. So for the last 50 years, America has gone on a massive building program out in the suburbs so Whites can avoid following these laws as much as possible.

You move the jobs out to burbs so you won't have to hire Minorities, or as many Minorities as you're supposed to.

This is also why cops do Racial profiling on Minorities, to intimidate us, to control our movements.

Therefore, Racial Profiling is an unconstitutional form of Discrimination that also violates the Civil Rights Act 1964, as Racial Profiling seeks to control the movements of Minorities in Transit. This is why Racial Profiling by Federally Funded Police Departments should also be Illegal, and every police force in America should have their funding cut, pay fines, as a result. There's no reason why 9 out of 10 defendants in the Dayton Municipal court for traffic and criminal violations are usually Black, and increasingly Latino. Observe that joint on court days, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The city of Dayton does not deserve any Federal monies, the whole police force should be fired and replaced with Progressive minded cops.

In fact, someone should have gone to jail over this, the city of Beavercreek should have been forced to pay Millions in Fines, and forced to pay some kind of legal settlement.

If it was my Black Ass, they would have made sure they got their money, and if they didn't they would have issued an arrest warrant. However, this is how Black Men are treated, as well as Poor White Folks, and especially Latinos. Then you have the nerve to wonder why many of us young Black Men resent White Folks at the very least. Or, why poor people resent prosperous folks.

Riding Aunt RITA

I used to catch buses, but taking a Bus to work, school, or whatever steals 1 to 4 hours of productive time I could have had to study, relax, invent something, plan a business, whatever...

Imagine if you're a poor young Black Male who lives in the De Soto Bass Housing Projects on Germantown Ave with a job at Steak and Shake on Fairfield Rd. in Beavercreek. You have to walk from your house to the bus, wait on the bus, get on the bus to go downtown, and then take a transfer bus from Downtown so that you can get to a stop that's close enough to work so you can walk say... 20, 30 Minutes to your job. Essentially, you are these people's slave as the only time you have is to get to work, work, come home, and do it all over again tomorrow.

We Racial Progressives think this is simple stuff people are supposed to get, but quite frankly there are lot of ignorant people and many of them are well educated with nice houses, jobs, and cars out in the Townships.

They don't get it, because they didn't have to spend 3, 4, 5 hours on a bus everyday just to get to school or work to better themselves so maybe they can be prosperous. They just don't get it because they aren't a Minority or a poor person.

Quite frankly, the overwhelming Majority of prosperous people in Dayton are White.

Look at the companies here, when they advertise they usually have no Minorities, or a couple of token Minorities who are beyond clean and have their mouth shut.

Look at the News Stations and their diversity on the air- the 2 best ones are Channel 2 WDTN and Channel 7 WHIO, and they still have a few spare token Minorities working for them compared to stations in more Progressive locales. Yeah, Channels 2 and 7 need more Minority staff, while the other stations are so discriminatory that they should be pushed out of business as a warning to stations like Channel 2 and 7.

The truth is, as Dayton and Cincinnati continue to grow as one Metropolitan area there's only going to be a need in future times for just one NBC station, one CBS Station, etc.. for all of Dayton and Cincinnati. Does channels 2 and 7 have the juice to be the one? Well, they have to prove it and come into this New Era, or get rolled over like a lot of other people.

In fact, the FCC should look at yanking some licenses of Dayton News Stations for not hiring truly diverse staff.

Walk into any company and even many Government Agencies in Dayton, and the staff is over 90% White. Yet, many of these people are the same people who bitch and moan about Minorities being on Welfare. If you don't hire people for good quality jobs they are going to be on the Government dole, it's just that simple. You have no right to complain about Welfare Minorities when you're not hiring them.

I know plenty of young well educated Black Men in Dayton who had to move away to go get a decent adult wage job, while employers and workers at companies with 90% White Workers cry about Blacks not working. This is not 1974, there's plenty of Minority talent out there ready and qualified to work. You're either losing them to more Progressive locales, just flat out not hiring them, or you're not trying hard enough to recruit such new age folks.

We have 2 Generations of White Conservatives who have helped over the last 50 years to create many of these Modern-day Race Problems and inequities. Yet, they don't want to admit to it. These are the very same people that when a Minority has a problem they are the first to say, "Be responsible for your actions, admit that you're wrong, admit that you didn't try hard enough."

The Liberals are worse, because they have sat back and allowed this to go on, while smiling in our faces for votes and favors, and even aiding the problems i.e, responses to community complaints about Drugs in the 70s and 80s. Come on now, these Corporate Fake Liberals are the same people who threw Rev. Wright who pretty much said every thing Martin Luther King said under the bus, and this is why a Martin Luther King can not exist today.

No Wonder why there's a bus stop problem.

Obama is not a dreamer or a leader, he's a Corporatist follower. Obama is piecemeal to keep Minorities, and angry young White folks from rebelling.

So, instead of a Martin Luther King America will get young Black Revolutionaries who plot rebellion against the current system, and this young dissatisfied Black Man is one of them. However, there's nothing wrong with that as this country- especially areas like Dayton where old time grievances have not been addressed properly is most certainly due for a huge shakeup.

This bus situation, along with other incidents ranging from high unemployment to Trayvon Martin is a wake up before the shakeup.

In fact, Beavercreek is still discriminating, as they still do not allow buses on Fairfield Rd. and refuse to do so in order for people to effectively get to the jobs, and we are going to get buses on Fairfield Rd!!

Yeah, before you show your age, political affiliation, or ignorance and say, "Man you people aren't satisfied." Yeah, we aren't, and we will always be complainers, and always be dissatisfied until we get what we demanded.

If you're going to be discriminatory in this New America, then you don't deserve to be in business.

Come on now, the reason why many of you do not want the buses in Beavercreek is, because you're scared of young Black Men with Saggy Pants, and in groups of say more than 3. They also don't want Minorities and Poor Folks to see the residential areas of Beavercreek, and this is why the bus does not go through any true residential areas in Beavercreek, because such folks might like what they see and aspire to move to Beavercreek. They think that Blacks, other Minorities, and Poor Folks will turn Fairfield Commons into the now Defunct Salem Mall, and the Dying and should be closed down Ancient Eye Sore of a Dayton Mall.

Fairfield Commons is going to die too, but not because, "They let the Blacks ride buses over here." No Fairfield Commons like the Dayton Mall is going to die, because of: the Austin Landing in Miami Township, the Greene in Beavercreek/Kettering, and the soon to be Heights in Huber Heights- all places with long time established bus routes, by the way. This is the new Way to shop, live, and dine. Whereas Fairfield commons is the Old School antiquated way to shop and have fun.

Fairfield Commons- Who goes to that mall anymore, anyway?

Tear it down!

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