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The truth about beauty pageants...

Appearances and winning
Appearances and winning
Staci Botos

Have you ever seen Toddlers and Tiaras and wondered what it takes to win a beauty pageant? In 2011 our own journey began. The difference between our pageants and T&T is that we only compete in all natural pageants. In 2013 I won my first National Title. The difference between a natural pageant and a glitz pageant is not just the wardrobe, but also the modeling, and the photography.

Glitz pageants are also typically an at will reign, with no requirements past crowning and little if any community service opportunities. Conversely natural pageants like Dream Girls USA offer free modeling seminars, practice sessions, appearance opportunities, and the chance to participate in a variety of community service projects.

Required areas of competition generally include formal wear and some form of spokes model or interview. Some pageants also offer optional events. At some pageants these may only be compete in by divisional finalists and at others they require a separate entrance fee.

There are many optional categories and you may select a few or bundle them for the best prices. At Dream Girls USA this includes photogenic, which is the only one done in advance of the pageant and contestants send in their best natural, un-retouched photo. You may also compete in casual runway and fashion runway in an "off the rack" outfit of your choice. Causal includes some sort of denim and fashion is for a dressier party, but not a formal. Some pageants also include a talent portion, which can be anything that can be done in under 2 minutes.

According to Staci Botos, "There are about 10,000 girls throughout the United States who compete in pageants each year. Our state Dream Girls USA pageant is getting ready for our great 19th year of positive pageantry and are preparing for our state event in Lansing, MI March 28-30th. The deadline is coming up soon - but there are still some great chances to win money off your fees and the cover model spot!"

If you are interested in learning more about Dream Girls USA or natural beauty pageants visit or

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