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The truth about anal sex: Do women enjoy anal sex?

The truth about anal sex: Do women enjoy anal sex?
The truth about anal sex: Do women enjoy anal sex?

Anal sex isn't exactly a modern style because the porn industry introduced it quite a while ago. Since then more and more couples have become curious about this approach and want to incorporate it into their routine. However, there are loads of stories surrounding anal sex which can be misleading. Some of them are rather extreme and some of them are actually true. If you and your partner want to know the truth about anal sex then keep reading.

Rumor No. 1 - It's Wrong

For some reason or another everything related to the porn industry apart from traditional sex is considered wrong. Even though this can be a turn-on for many people, there are those who feel it undermines their principles. The truth is there is no right or wrong. If it's something you want to share with your partner then nobody can judge you for it. In many cases it gives new life to the sexual spark and might even save a relationship.

Rumor No. 2 - It's very Painful

Given that the purpose of the anus isn't necessarily sexual, it doesn't mean it has to be painful. According to "experts" in the field, a decent amount of lubrication can do wonders. Many women have even testified to climaxing while having anal sex. This is not to say that it can't be painful. When couples substitute lubrication with saliva then yes, nerve damage is a great risk in addition to a very painful experience. Just like having vaginal sex for the first time needs to be slow and careful, the same goes for anal.

Rumor No. 3 - It's a Source for STDs

Once again there are two sides to this story. Yes, chances of contracting an STD is much more likely because the skin is much thinner and more prone for damage. This only happens when not enough lubrication is used and there isn't a condom involved. If the latter is utilized correctly then there is no need to fear STDs. Some couples might like the idea of not using a condom, and to switch between the vagina and the anus. This is not recommended. The smallest amount of fecal inside the vagina or on the penis head can lead to serious infections. Only switch back to the vagina when a decent cleaning has taken place. The condom will offer protection from STDs.

Rumor No. 4 - It causes Permanent Damage

Many stories are circulating that too much anal sex will result in a loss of bowel control. This is false. The anus does adapt if it's used for regular sexual entertainment, but it won't lead to the woman losing all sense of control. As the vagina stretches after the first couple of times and after giving birth so does the anus; in essence it will become a mental state of relaxation instead of a physical change.

Rumor No. 5 - It's better than Vaginal Sex

There might be unique cases where a guy won't want to return to the vagina, but this is few and far between. In fact, this never usually happens. The anus does provide a tighter area which men like every now and then, although it doesn't have the same attributes as a vagina. A guy will always want both so it's unrealistic to say that anal sex is better. A more accurate term would be "different".

Rumor No. 6 - A Question of Respect

Some women have the idea that giving in to anal sex is like throwing away their self-respect. This is very far from the truth. When you think about it the whole body is typically part of the sexual process. The amounts of fetishes on the circuit currently are astounding. Some guys like ankles and toes while others prefer ear lobes and necks. The anus is no different. If you are in a loving relationship then there is no reason to believe it will take anything away from your self-confidence.

Ultimately anal sex and how pleasurable it can be is based on personal opinion. Some women don't like certain positions or even get hurt when trying relatively normal styles. There is nothing wrong with you if you don't find it satisfying and neither is it wrong when you enjoy it. Just make sure to gradually get into it and to keep it safe. Otherwise you may not enjoy it at all. A good way to get started in anal sex with your partner is to read stories on the subject like anal sex stories here: Anal sex stories.

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