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The truth about aerobics

Food pyramid
Food pyramid
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Most people categorize Aerobics as a fitness class with all women more than likely wearing tight spandex and listening to pop music, for those that believe this statement have a lesson to learn. The cardiovascular benefits can be enormous when you put into mind that professional athlete's rely on the time they put in on aerobic exercise constantly.

Whether the whole offensive line for a professional football team has to push for those last yards to score that final field goal to win or the mixed martial arts champ that goes five rounds of fighting with out losing all of his energy in the second or third round.

The major benefits that you can attribute from aerobic exercise are:

  • increase the ability of your lungs
  • increase heart functions
  • increase the capacity of the cardiovascular system to flush lactic acid out of the muscles.(The Stuff that makes your muscles burn!)

Even the most dedicated men and women who want to build muscle forget that the main factor is to get rid of the excess fat they have on their body, which consists of aerobic exercise 45 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. As a reminder it is much better to work up to this because of the fatigue the exercise will put on your body. working up to the 45 minutes will help your body transition from out of shape to in shape.

in addition to all of the efforts you put into exercising it all can be ruined by the way you diet. It is very common to experience the ups and downs of dieting which is a mental game just as much as it is physical. Millions fall into the traps of fast food restaurants and other unhealthy foods such as chips and candy that seem appealing until the scale starts to tip the wrong way. The best way to beat the highly advertised Fat food is to

  1. Read labels
  2. Follow the basic food pyramid

Labels are found on all of the products you purchase, so why not spend a little more time reading what you are eventually going to place into your body. Along with reading labels fresh food is the best food (not to sound sarcastic). canned/frozen food can be loaded with sodium that retains water which makes you feel bloated. The food pyramid is a perfect example of how you should treat your body.

Following these basic strategies of normal aerobic exercise and dieting can prove to be life changing.

The only true test is time.



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