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The truth about accused call girl killer Alix Tichelman, & client Forrest Hayes

The name Alix Tichelman, high profile accused call girl killer is quickly becoming a household name, and not a name that is being painted lightly. The reason? It happened one night, on an enchanted November evening in Santa Cruz, California, on a yacht date with 51-year-old Google executive Forrest Hayes. What started off as an enchanted evening that is, as the date tragically ended with the death of Forrest Hayes. The New Zealand Herald has heralded it as a "deadly meeting of two very different varieties of entrepreneur." Other outlets are ranking the accused call girl killer on the "scumbag scorecard." What is the truth about that fatal evening? CNN has been following the story, and on July 16 reported some details about the relationship between the accused and the victim that shed a new perspective on this case. This case, according to CNN today, is shedding light on an industry that very few people know much about.

Did Alix Tichelman kill Forrest Hayes in cold blood? Or are they both the victim of the high prices paid for high risk behaviors?
Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

CNN is also reporting today that the araignment for Alix Tichelman occurred today. A Santa Cruz judge set bond at $1.5 million for Alix Tichelman, who has now been charged with manslaughter and multiple drug charges related to the events of one enchanted evening.

Forrest Hayes was an executive for Google, working in the Google Glass division. As many executives do, especially in the Silicon Valley, 51-year-old Forrest Hayes outsourced many of his necessary services. At this present moment in his life, particularly on the November evening in question, he outsourced his social calendar to an escort service rather than his wife of 17 years.

According to CNN, the social escort he used was a woman named Alix Tichelman, who he met in an online arrangement service. CNN also confirms today that Forrest Hayes and Alix Tichelman were involved in an "ongoing prostitution relationship."

According to law enforcement, after meeting in an arrangement service online, Forrest Hayes and Alix Tichelman had met at least "a couple of times" prior to November 23, 2013.

CNN reports that video surveillance shows that on the night in question, the couple enjoyed a date. During that date, according to the surveillance video, Alix Tichelman administered heroin to her client, which was tragically a lethal dose. About that footage, statements from law enforcement say,

"Rather than provide first aid or call 911, Ms. Tichelman proceeds to gather her belongings, including the heroin and the needles."

Police also allege that she stepped over his body multiple times, that "at one point she steps over his body to finish a glass of wine" and that she lowered a blind in the yacht as she left.

The "she" in question, Alix Tichelman is now facing manslaughter charges in addition to multiple drug charges. If you were to make an assessment of her charges based on the opinions of the court of public opinion however, you would consider her and her actions to be much more egregious than what her possible pending charges actually illustrate.

After the death of 51-year-old father of five and Google executive Forrest Hayes hit the airwaves, some media outlets, such as the Noozhawk providing the "freshest news in Santa Barbara" began to rate Alix Tichelman and her morality meter on a "scumbag scorecard." This title was earned by Alix Ticherman, according to the freshest news in Santa Barbara, among other things, by the occupation she held and the manner in which the couple met.

Is that not a little harsh?

It is harsh because it was barely over a week ago when the United States Supreme Court ruling dissent on the Hobby Lobby decision spawned a song about "slut shaming", and essentially saying "shame on you" to anybody that would have the gall to do so.

That song, and its powerful message went viral, almost as quickly as the controversial Hobby Lobby ruling did. On the message in that song, and on the Hobby Lobby decision, the Art Voice wrote,

"Slut-shaming. It’s as American as apple pie, and now endorsed by five males on the Supreme Court of the United States of America."

It is also apparently now being endorsed by anyone that thinks Alix Tichelman ranks high on a "scumbag scorecard." The Noozhawk is only one example of many media outlets that are taking this case to the level of slut shaming. Is the title "call girl killer" not slut shaming in itself?

CNN is reporting today some very enlightening information about Alix Tichelman that shows a different side to her, a side that people seem reluctant to talk about.

Not only has Alix attended the Georgia State University journalism school, but she's also not the corner worker call girl that those that rank her high on the "scumbag scorecard" make her out to be. Her own family ranks very high on the status list in the Silicon Valley family, the status list that is able to move mountains with one phone call.

CNN has reported today that Alix Tichelman's father is Bart Tichelman, a high end Silicon Valley tech executive. He served as the CEO for SynapSense in 2012 and has played an integral role in the solar power plans of Altanta, Georgia. Alix Tichelman's father is also a world renowned poker player and played in the 2008 World Series of Poker taking home almost half a million dollars in the process.

His daughter, 26-year-old Alix Tichelman has almost always known a high end lifestyle. In her adult years, she enjoyed that almost exclusively in the Silicon Valley, in both business and pleasure.

51-year-old Forrest Hayes was also part of that multi-billion dollar circuit. It's a powerful circuit with some saying the circuit in Silicon Valley is the very circuit that is essentially running the United States, behind the scenes.

Knowing now that Alix Tichelman is from that circuit, dated that circuit, and conducted business with that circuit, is it really the smartest idea to start slut shaming that circuit?

That's not the only multi-billion dollar circuit Alix Tichelman is deeply connected to of course. The other one is the one where she runs her freelance escort service. Judging by the comments from the court of public opinion, that is the biggest reason stones are being cast at Alix Tichelman right now.

How is, casting stones at a university educated woman running her business in a multi-billion dollar industry, for the act of experiencing one of the known risks of that industry, not slut shaming?

Are the titles "scumbag scorecard" or "cold blooded call girl killer" or "Silicon Valley Black Widow" really necessary for a woman whose date died in her presence? For a woman who was, by all accounts and purposes, simply on a business meeting?

There is certainly no question that she could have handled it better, but does not doing so make her a cold blooded killer?

Some say it does.

The reaction to this video surveillance has been extreme, callous cold blooded woman to not do something in the wake of the death of Forrest Hayes. If reports are accurate, there was not a romantic relationship between Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hayes. It was, if the reports are correct, a business relationship.

Alix Tichelman is a self-described known prostitute and heroin user. That doesn't mean she is a cold blooded killer. It means she is one of hundreds of thousands if not millions in North America that are. USA Today confirms this, reporting last week that this is not an isolated problem, saying that the Tech Rush in the Silicon Valley today, particularly in the sex trade, is not unlike the mid-19th century Gold Rush in the San Francisco Bay area. It's a lucrative business.

One San Francisco sex worker has even recently claimed to have just crossed one thing off her bucket list, "earning a million dollars." The sex industry is so alive in the Tech Rush today in the Silicon Valley that technology has even been developed to make it easier. Escorts can now take very quick credit card payments, in the moment, from a smartphone app developed by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter.

Dr. Cunningham, of the Economics Department at the Baylor University in Texas says that the Internet has really added this "bust and boom" to the sex trade in the Silicon Valley, and not just for Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hayes. According to USA Today, Dr. Cunningham said that men in particular are,

"Very sensitive to the risks involved, and so they have moved away from the street to the Internet. Clients use message boards extensively to share information about the location of sex workers. They will go on these sites, and write a review of the woman, so that others have an idea of what to expect."

Dr. Cunningham's thoughts to USA Today suggest that he too believes Forrest Hayes is just another number in a very big pile of bits and bytes. On Forrest Hayes he said,

"[With the Internet] This Google Executive did not have to worry about getting caught. Had he not overdosed, no one would have ever known what happened."

Another Silicon Valley tech giant how asked to remain anonymous with USA Today said,

"Silicon Valley is like a military base: There are very few civilian women and lots of money."

Alix Tichelman is also not the only known prostitute and heroin user in North America that has run into a health problem with a client while on a date, or even lost one. If the anecdotal evidence that occurs everywhere from fiction novels and blockbuster movies to crime shows and forensic dramas, forensic reality television, and all of the latest research, prostitution is a risky business, for all parties.

As CNN reports today, this was not even the first time this happened in her presence. Law enforcement are also now connecting her to another death, which was listed as a heroin overdose. That evening ran very similarly to the one that Forrest Hayes experienced, with Alix Tichelman's boyfriend taking a lethal dose of heroin.

The key difference in that case was, the man at the time was noted as Alix's boyfriend, Forrest Hayes was not, and never was. Many think that because this has happened twice in Alix's presence, that makes her a cold blooded killer. All this new "evidence" really tells us however is that there is a very high risk of death with heroin use, and that Alix Tichelman has seen this first hand, twice.

Both of these deaths have been listed as accidental overdoses by the Medical Examiners in question.

In the case of Dean Rioppelle, the other man that has died in the presence of Alix Tichelman and heroin use, Alix did not leave the scene. In that case she called 911 and reported that something horrible was happening to her boyfriend,

"I think my boyfriend overdosed or something, he like, he won't respond."

The 911 dispatcher asked Alix why she thought it was an overdose, to which Alix responded, "Because there's nothing else it could be. Definitely accidental." Alix reported to 911 that Dean had taken painkillers and was "drinking a lot too" before using heroin that evening. The Medical Examiner ruled that death as an accidental overdose, but are looking into it again now that the case of Forrest Hayes has come to light according to CNN.

Is it possible that Alix is being picked on because of her choices in life? Is it not possible that both of these tragedies were just that, tragedies from a risky lifestyle? How many other escorts or prostitutes in the last year alone have had to discretely or quickly leave a situation because it got a little too much one night?

The answer is more than one. So why is Alix Tichelman being picked out of what is probably many tragic stories just like this all over the nation right now?

So her mugshot doesn't exactly give one the warm and fuzzies, so what? At the time it was taken and at the time of her hearing when her "cold blooded eyes" were described, she was probably still withdrawing from, if the reports are accurate, a fairly serious heroin problem. That is not a pretty process.

Would it have mattered anyway? Probably not in the court of public opinion.

If she had appeared at her mug shot refreshed and fully made up she would have been persecuted for being another Jodi Arias. And, as every hair in or out of place was scrutinized for Jodi Arias, so too this is what is happening to Alix Tichelman.

That she stopped to have a glass of wine after the incident is an action that has been torn to shreds by the press.

Should she be convicted of second degree murder because she had a glass of wine after a bad day on the job? All that does is place her at the scene. Law enforcement have yet to provide a motive.

Many people consider this to be an open and shut case against Alix Tichelman, but is it really? According to the L.A. Times, it took law enforcement 9 months to arrest her because another individual with a workplace relationship to Forrest Hayes, the captain of his yacht, originally lied to the police about crucial evidence.

That would be the evidence that everybody is talking about, and using against Alix Tichelman to presume her guilt in this case. That evidence, and that she is a drug using prostitute is also being used against her.

Thus far, by all reports all that they have on her is something that places her at the scene, and assisted him with the use of heroin. We do not know beyond a reasonable doubt at this point that Forrest Hayes did not say "What the heck why not" and throw caution to the wind for the night, in a decision that sadly ended in his death.

We do not know that Dean Riopelle did not either for that matter.

Just one month before the death of Forrest Hayes, CBS reported that in 2012, heroin killed more people "than any other substance." The CDC reported just a few months before the death of Forrest Hayes that the death toll for drug overdoses has been climbing since 1999. In 1999 the number of overdose deaths in America was 16,849. In 2010 it was almost 40 thousand.

According to CNN today, Alix Tichelman has been charged with manslaughter and multiple drug charges. She has pled not guilty and her bond has been set at $1.5 million. Her next court appearance is scheduled for October 20.

What do you think about this case?

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