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The Truly Smart Economy

Let's grow the economy! What will make it grow faster? Selling things to people that they don't really need (smart meters), that become out of fashion quickly (smart clothing, a slightly different use of the word smart), that have no durability or quality (automobiles), that expand the economy when they are used (cell phones, automobiles)?

Why so much emphasis on money? What are people really seeking? Happiness! What if money was not the measure of success?

People don't become happier when they exploit others, though they may become wealthier. They may conclude that their lack of happiness is because they are not yet making enough profit, but it is because of spiritual laws. If you cause suffering to another, you will not become happier, even though the suffering may have brought you comfort or pleasure or money. If you seek win-win situations, you can still make money or other benefits, maybe even more money that you would have through exploitation, and you will become happier.

The important of happiness was introduced into United Nations discussions by countries that don't have much money (by US standards) but have a lot of happiness. For the UN perspective, see Additional information can be found at and

March 20 was declared by the UN to be the International Day of Happiness so treat yourself to something that makes someone happy and see if you don't also feel happier. Will the Hallmark card say Happy Happy Day?

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