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The True Meaning of Reincarnation

Any person has heard at least once about reincarnation, but what is it exactly? First of all, we should make it clear that reincarnation doesn’t happen within a dimension of linear time, meaning that you don’t live one life in one place, then die and get reborn in another place, then die again, and so on. It is rather the sum of all your past and future lives going on at the same time in an eternal present, an eternal now.

Analogously, evolution in the universe isn’t linear either, taking place in a stage after stage manner, but it's all happening at once. This makes sense if we think that space and time don’t have an objective existence. They are concepts we have create, cognitive tools which enable us to understand the world around us and our existence, as well as to focus upon one thing at a time and not on everything at once.

We perceive time as linear – past, present, and future –, but this linearity is an illusion that Eastern philosophers call samsara or maya. This falsehood determines us to believe that there is an objective reality which unfolds in linear time and sets into motion the striving of all beings, keeping the cycle of death and rebirth going.

However, children often talk about past lives and experiences, because they aren’t as anchored in a linear existence as adults are. In time, we get stuck in a one-track kind of thinking and stop relying as much in our instincts and fragments of past lives.

Most people make the majority of their decisions based upon socially-conditioned judgments and principles, things they have been taught by their parents, friends, teachers, and so on. Yet every now and then we experience a powerful moment consciousness when we feel that reality seems to be branching off in different ways, in different directions, or we feel echoes from our past lives and realities, or we hear a voice rising from within us. This is when we feel that we are part of something more profound and bigger than us and than our current reality, and this is when we discover the true purpose of our current lifetime.

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