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The True Meaning of Love on Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's day is the one time of the year that all the world pauses just for a few moments to recognize and celebrate the true meaning of love. The idea of love is very difficult to define, is very difficult to quantify, and is very difficult to properly express. If people all across the world had a true understanding of how to express love, many of our problems that seem so large would melt away as nothing.

Two Definitions of Love

A definition of love from Webster's New Compact Format Dictionary, (1987), "Warm affection; sexual passion; sweetheart."

A definition of love from the Bible, " Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for this friends." John 15:13.

The first definition is concerned with the measure of human emotion. The definition uses words such as affection, sexual passion, and sweetheart. These words define love on strictly an emotional basis.

The second definition is concerned with a measure of love that is a far deeper measure of love than mere human emotion. The true measure of love is in giving and self sacrifice that comes from a deep abiding commitment to the one or ones that are the object of the love.

True Love Does not Rise or Fall with Human Emotion

The love between a man and a woman, or the love between a parent and a child should and can be a lifelong relationship of caring, sacrifice, and giving.  A measure of love that is only based in human emotion can and will fail. A relationship of love that is based on the kind of love the Bible is speaking of can last a lifetime if each member of the relationship is willing to put aside selfish desires and self serving personal motives.

On Valentine's day, when you say to that very special person, "I love you," please think about what you are saying.  If your statement of love is merely based on satisfying human emotion and desire, think about making a deeper lifelong commitment to the one who is the object of your love. To much of what our world calls love is superficial, only meeting the emotional need of the moment.  True love makes a commitment of caring, giving, and sacrifice.


Webster's New Compact Format Dictionary. 1987 Edition. Book Essentials Publications, Larchmont, NY.


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