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The true meaning of Christmas

The Adoration of the Sherpherds
The Adoration of the Sherpherds
Gerard van Honthorst

The events and parables in the Bible have many levels of meaning from the obvious to the hidden. The story of Jesus' birth is no exception. Let's explore a deeper understanding of Christmas.

One of the greatest commentators on the esoteric interpretation of the Bible was Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. In his book, Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition, he explains with remarkable clarity the symbolism of the four principals involved in the nativity: Mary, Joseph, the Holy Spirit, and the Christ. He connects them to various parts of our being and explains the relationship of the parts with themselves and with God.

He wrote, "Joseph, the father, is the intellect... and Mary, the Mother, is the heart, the human soul. When the heart and soul are pure the Child can be born, but he is not born of the intellect... He is born of the... Holy Spirit in the form of Fire, Divine Love -- a pure flame which impregnates the heart and soul of a human being... When this is accomplished, the infant Christ is born."

The incident of Mary and Joseph not finding any room in the inn also has deep significance for those who aspire to be the Christ. Aivanhov wrote, "When human beings are busy eating and drinking and amusing themselves, they have no room for the Initiate who has received the... Divine Child which has already been conceived in him as Light... Yes, for one in whom the Spirit dwells, this will always be the way: human beings will not appreciate him; they will refuse to let him in to their homes."

Joseph's humble and loving acceptance of Mary, even though he was not the father of her child illustrates another important principle of esoteric Christianity. Aivanhov wrote, "Joseph -- the intellect -- instead of being jealous, and repudiating Mary,... and shouting 'That child you're bearing is not mine; get out!', he must say, 'It is the Lord who has touched Mary's heart and soul. I was incapable of doing so.'... To repudiate Mary is to repudiate half of one's own being and become like the dried up rationalists who are all intellect, who have banished all emotion and receptivity from their lives, who have rejected the qualities of gentleness, humility, and kindness."

With these thoughts in mind, I wish all my readers a blessed Christmas. May the Holy Spirit enter your hearts and fill you with light so that you may give birth to the love-wisdom consciousness of the Christ.


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