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The True Fear All Should Have – Be Mindful of Your Actions

Our Lord Jesus, the Judge of all humanity
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“The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate (Proverbs 8:13)”.

The misconception, of the definitive meaning by which humanity should have fear in God and His power, is imperative. Most do not understand what this fear implies. Fear itself is, by nature, a feeling that can be difficult to inhibit or avoid. Something could frighten you when you are alone in a dark place, or a noise out of the wilderness could startle you. The sense of fear is innately real. Nevertheless, do we fear correctly?

Imagine a scenario that involves you at gunpoint. Do you fear the person who is about to shoot you? Does the pumping adrenaline obstruct your ability to feel such fear? Could you see yourself trying to negotiate or talk to your potential killer? Instead, do you just stand there helpless and without hope?

Our Heavenly Father has the ability to squash us like insects. God humbles us as often as He sees fit to do so. This humbling could be extreme or even more severe. Do you ever consider this fact? Does it ever pass your mind that God can take life as easily as He can grant it?

One of the many problems with humanity today, is that people fear nothing. We do not think about how we act or what we say. We are quick to complain about how difficult and horrid our lives are when things do not go our way. Some of us are eager to mock others just for the thrill of it. Some even gain satisfaction from hurting someone else. These actions are intentional compared to unintentionally doing so.

As Christians, sinful followers of our Lord Jesus, we will face much tribulation and temptation. Typically, such troubles will arise from those around us. A man or woman is the either one who harms another or the one who is harmed. Which one of the two are you?

Fellow Brethren, you must be cognizant regarding how you act and treat others. Be careful of the intentional pain you inflict on those around you. If you find yourself upsetting someone and you do not feel at all guilty, you should have fear. Fear the Wrath of God, and of His great power. We must love our God, but also understand that He is in control. God sees everything we do, even in the darkest of places. Do not try to justify yourself to Him concerning the evils you pass on to your brothers and sisters.

Beloved, not everyone intends to harm or cause pain. Sometimes it happens being out of our immediate control. When you realize what you have done, either apologize to the person, or repent immediately! It is better to acknowledge the pain you may inflict and apologize, than to go on doing it without showing an iota of remorse.

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