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The Trouble with Social Media

Today I checked my personal email...well, one of my personal email accounts, I don't even know how many I have...and found a message from my masters at noting that I hadn't posted a blog entry in the past two weeks, and offering to help me. That's fine. I understand it is important to post regularly, and it's nice that wants to help.

But then again, that's the problem. You see, for social media platforms, i.e. blogs, sites, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, whatever, to excel, requires regular usage. Otherwise you lose your grip on that golden prize which is Good SEO--Search Engine Optimization.

And the problem with THAT is, it results in all manner of material being posted, whether it's YAHOO News or stories at MSNBC or wherever information appears online, that's not really news. It's content.

"Kim Kardashian's OUTRAGEOUS new dress!" screams a headline. You click on it, and you see...Kim Kardashian in a dress. It's not outrageous. It's a dress. "SHOCKING discovery about carbs may impact your waist!" You click on it, and you carbohydrates can make you fat. Which nowadays is akin to "water can make you wet."

I tell my PR colleagues that, despite the claims a few years back that the advent of the online world would mean the end of newspapers and that would mean the end of public (or at least media) relations, I'm truly busier now that I ever was. All manner of freelancers are working on health and medical stories (my area of PR expertise) for all manner of online platforms, online magazines and newspapers, information websites, and on and on.

And for me, that's great, it really is, because it means I'll stay gainfully employed. But the fact of the matter is, as when it comes to this blog for instance, there are times I have nothing exciting or new to talk about. So, guess what? I don't post.

I'm not going to post just to post, aspiring to pump up my SEO. Because that means I"m just adding to the CONTENT while failing to focus on the education and betterment of my readers.

I still believe that if you have something to say, something NEW to add to the virtual global discussion which is social media and the internet, great, then say it. If you don't, don't. Empty content only serves to cheapen social media as a way to spread REAL news and truly helpful, accurate information, i.e. the fake Kardashian "news" poisons the posts that really do have something to offer.

And that's all I've got to say, so I'll close. Otherwise, I'd just be padding the content.

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