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The trouble with male feminism in the WMMA community

These has been a perceived increase in male feminists in the WMMA community
Photo by Eric Holden

According to an Aug. 27 post from Arron Pegson, the critically-acclaimed WMMA blogger has a serious problem with the male feminists that have joined the women's mixed martial arts community in recent years.

Pegson, a world-renowned writer and one of the most active voices in the WMMA community, maintains a women's MMA discussion group on Facebook that has notched over 30,000 fans, but he has recently come under fire from a handful of these "male feminists" for some of his colorful tweets regarding the sport.

The Aussie has now taken to Twitter to respond to the criticisms of his work.

"There is plenty of Pathetically Weak Male Feminist in Women's MMA | | #WMMA #MMA #UFC #MEN #WOMEN," Pegson tweeted on Aug. 27.

The photo he posted along with the tweet paints a very real picture of what has been going on in the WMMA community of late, with male feminists using bullying tactics to come across as "white knights in shining armor" to save female fighters from being demeaned by fans and media.

"Always looking to prove his loyalty, the male feminist will do everything in his power to cut down a confident, masculine man-- fabricating stories, spreading gossip, running to the authorities and anything else to throw you under the bus-- all to (hopefully) score a few points with his female overlords," Pegson's photo post read.

Pegson hit the proverbial nail on the head, as the last thing the WMMA community needs is a bunch of male feminists spreading gossip just to come across as more gentlemanly to female fighters than the person they are putting down.

The WMMA community is full of strong, intelligent, athletic female fighters, some of the greatest athletes in the world. Many of these athletes find it demeaning and offensive when these male feminists try to stick up for them, when they can easily handle matters themselves.

In the WMMA community, there is a "mess with one of us, you mess with all of us" policy. That is all fine and dandy, but not when relational bullying tactics come into play from the male feminists within the movement.

The WMMA community is so small that everyone seems to know each other's business, and these male feminists often spread gossip on issues they know nothing about. With the increase in social media, such gossip can spread in a hurry and seriously harm people's reputations.

They try to convince others within the community to band up against a single person, before all sides to a story come out.

All kids want friends and to be liked and accepted by their peer group. Relational bullies use this normal human need against their victims, using the power of the group as a tool to harm.

Relational bullies intentionally manipulate and damage the relationships of their victims. They do this through means such as rumor spreading, exclusion, gossip and ending friendships – and the hurt they create can be enormous.

The ultimate goal of all feminists, male or female, is and rightly should be the welfare and social and political emancipation of women. When it comes to women's MMA, feminism comes into play because female fighters are still struggling to be perceived equal to male fighters.

If men are concerned about the problems men face, not just the problems men cause, then the pews of the feminist cathedral are rarely the most comfortable place to sit.

Strong, intelligent female champions such as Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate don't need male feminists to act like the "creeper police" by calling people out for tweets they deem offensive or demeaning.

If it's gender equality the WMMA community is seeking, male feminists should butt out and let the female fighters fight their own fights.