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The trouble Trevor, Franklin and Michael get into is awesome

Hello fellow gamers! Grand Theft Auto V has to be one of the most distracting installment of the GTA series. After spending countless hours on rampages, acid trips and strip clubs we finally got Trevor, Franklin and Michael together for their first mission. Be warned this is a spoiler alert. They’re first mission is to fly a helicopter to F.I.A. building, park it just above the roof on the Westside of the building, rappel down and save the hostage currently being interrogated. There are two moments prior to this event that if you took the advice given will make this mission a breeze. The first was, earlier when Michael suggested to Franklin to sharpen his shooting skills. During this mission Franklin is going to be the sniper on the adjacent building providing support. If you leveled him up he should be able to take out all of the guards and a decent amount of the helicopters. Also when playing as Trevor he was advised to work on his flight skills, this will definitely come in handy since he is the pilot for this mission. Participating in many of the side activities will increase your characters stats based on who you use to do the activity. So if your trying to get every player to be great at flying they all have to go to flight school. Hope this quick tip helps you on in this and other missions.

Screenshots from one of the earlier missions
Screenshots from one of the earlier missions
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