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The tripod of calamity

The Pacific NW has had a mild winter compared too much of our country, however we have also experienced some interesting education. Although it has not been the freezing biting cold of elsewhere, we have experienced a cold which has been more bone chilling than many remember. For this reason many Caregivers are experiencing a new procession of symptoms. Pain which is not stabbing only very uncomfortable, but nonfading; lack of sleep due to this continuing discomfort and the malaise which can only create more needs for the person being cared for.
Most caregivers only go to medical appointments for themselves when there is no other option; and in the past General Practitioners (GPs) have seen and treated both the patient and the caregiver at the same time. Here is the crux of the issue; without treatment the pain continues and without sleep the frustration level builds. Put these two together with the additional stress caused when watching tasks which need to be done go unaccomplished and we have a recipe for disaster.
These three intersecting problems will rise to an Mt Everest in the caregiving world, unless we begin taking better care of ourselves and our caregivers. Caregivers take the bulk of over-the-counter drugs for common everyday aches and pains. We are currently being warned about the overuse of Tylenol. This tripod of medical questions (mild unresolved pain, lack of sleep and frustration born from the inability to complete some day-to-day tasks) needs to be addressed.
Families and friends please offer help if there appears a need, physicians, yes, but primarily the medical office staff make not for the physician of what could be an underlying problem, and most of all listen with all of our senses, not just our ears.

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