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The Trims release Spanish language "Vida"

The Trims
The Trims

The local disco-infused, alt-rock quartet, The Trims, has released it's first, exclusively Spanish language single. The act's members have been vigilant about celebrating their cultural background, often accentuating their Latino ethnicity within their music.

Earlier this year, the band released a video for the single "Around the Sun" - a video which featured a direct tie to their ancient heritage, with vocalist, Gabe Maciel, rendering his sillouette throughout the video, as he performed the ancient Aztec dance, "The Cazador."

Now, The Trims are embracing a long-time goal of becoming a bi-lingual musical act. Guitarist, Bryan Aguire, comments on the track's origins and intentions:

"Writing a song in Spanish has been long overdue for us. We've always wanted to write and release a track, but something always came up. We worked with Steve Murr again and got something special with "Vida". We really feel we can make great songs in both Spanish and English."

Gabe Maciel adds on about the song's meaning:

"The song attempts to describe people who stay in relationships out of fear of being alone, rather than for actual love."

The result is something authentic to The Trims' core - musically, historically and intrinsically.

Hear "Vida" via Soundcloud.

Follow The Trims online at

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