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The Trickling Down of Fornication

In every order, the person at the lowest end of the order will be affected the greatest.

Sex is a beautiful act when it occurs between a husband and his wife. Sex is a legal act when we've been licensed by GOD to have it, and of course, we get this license through marriage. Sex is two people coming together in agreement physically, but what changes the dynamic of the act itself is determined by what or who those two people are coming together in agreement with. When two people come together under the veil of marriage, and those two people are in submission to GOD, their sex is a unification that not only glorifies GOD (for sex itself was created by GOD), but it is a unification or agreement with GOD'S will. A wife has the right to submit to her husband sexually after she's first submitted herself to GOD spiritually, and she's under the vow and covering of marriage. A husband has the right to lie down with his submitted wife sexually when he is submitted spiritually to the CHRIST-head, and he's committed himself through GOD to his wife in the presence of two or three witnesses. In this, all parties remain covered, and the act of sex is as beautiful as GOD has created it to be.

Of course, sex becomes filthy when it's partaken of by one or two people who are not submitted to GOD. To understand why, we must first understand the purpose of sex itself.
GOD created the act of sex to symbolize the coming together of two creatures as one. Sex was made to be a pleasurable act because unity pleases GOD, but HE gave man pleasure that he could understand in the earth realm: the pleasure associated with sex. Of course, this pleasure is felt in a man's body because man uses his body to have sex. To symbolize the coming together of two creatures, GOD created sex as the tool in which new life is created; therefore, when a man comes together with his wife, she eventually becomes pregnant. The child born to the union is one soul created by the coming together of two souls.

Sex itself is ministry. The Bible tells us of the GOD-instituted order that we are to abide by: GOD is the head of CHRIST; CHRIST is the head of man, and man is the head of woman (See 1 Corinthians 11:3). Let's look at how this line-up affects us.
GOD is the head of CHRIST.
JESUS CHRIST answered the Jews who wanted to kill HIM by saying, “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me” (John 5:30).
The Jews were accusing JESUS of making HIMSELF equal with GOD, but JESUS answered them and proclaimed that HE only did the will of GOD. Why did HE say this? JESUS is the Living WORD of GOD, and even though many read this statement, they cannot hear what they are reading. Again, JESUS is the living WORD of GOD. HE is the WORD made flesh; meaning, GOD spoke and CHRIST existed. GOD said that HIS WORD would never return to HIM void. Every WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD is immediately established, and will accomplish that in which it was sent out to accomplish. JESUS is the living WORD of GOD, so when GOD spoke, the WORD was made flesh and dwelt amongst mankind. JESUS accomplished everything HE was sent out to accomplish, and HE returned to the FATHER having carried out that in which HE was sent out to accomplish. So, when JESUS said that HE and HIS FATHER are one, HE was saying that HE is the voice, manifested presence, spoken WORD, established Truth of GOD, and since we (mankind) are to follow and abide by the WORD of GOD, we have to operate in submission (obedience) to the WORD of GOD.
CHRIST is the head of man.
JESUS CHRIST is LORD. Because CHRIST is the WORD, man has to submit himself to the WORD. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

  • JESUS is the way: When JESUS said that HE is the way, HE was saying that HE is the path that leads back to GOD. HE is the only way back to GOD, for HE is the WORD who was and is with GOD. Try speaking out loud, and listening to your voice. Your voice is you, and no one can separate your voice from you, but GOD, of course. When you speak, your words go from your mouth and are immediately judged. Those same words have power. JESUS is the WORD that proceeded out of the mouth of GOD; therefore, HE cannot be separated from GOD.
  • JESUS is the truth: The Bible tells us that it is impossible for GOD to tell a lie (See Hebrews 6:18). JESUS is the WORD; therefore, HE is the established Truth; HE is the living evidence of GOD'S WORD, for HE is the WORD.
  • JESUS is the life: Because of sin, man was condemned to die. Because of sin, man was condemned to hell. Because of sin, man was the walking dead. Man had no hope, but CHRIST came and redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us (See Galatians 3:13). CHRIST offered HIMSELF as a living and holy sacrifice for our sins; thus taking on sin in HIS own body, and giving us HIS righteousness.

Man is the head of woman.
Let's face it: Man was created first, making him the firstborn creature of the human race. As we witness in the Bible, the firstborn son was always given the birthright (his father's greatest blessing and possessions). When GOD commanded women to submit to their husbands, HE wasn't saying that a woman was inferior to a man; HE was saying that man is HIS firstborn, and as his firstborn, he was given authority over women. Now, such a statement alone infuriates many women (and men) today because of man's rebellion against the established order of GOD, but this rebellion comes from a lack of understanding about the order. You see, man was given the authority; meaning, he was given the greater responsibility. GOD gave man the task of providing for his household, but HE gave women the task of being a help-meet to their husbands. In truth, this means that GOD'S original plan for women (after the sin of Eve, of course) was a favorable position. Because man possessed the birthright, he was commanded to share that birthright with his wife. This means that the birthright belonged to the wife as well, but the husband was entrusted to carry it out.

The Truth About Sex
JESUS said that HE could do nothing without HIS FATHER; meaning, HE acknowledged that HE could only carry out what GOD told HIM to carry out. HE was not only in total submission to GOD, but HE was and is the WORD HIMSELF made manifest.
When a man becomes saved, he submits himself to the WORD of GOD. He has to have faith in the WORD, and do as GOD instructed him to do through HIS WORD. In doing the will of GOD and having faith in the WORD, GOD says we are one in Spirit with HIM. “But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:17). When we submit to the WORD, we acknowledge, reverence, fear and carry out the WORD; thus, making us one with GOD.

After a man accepts JESUS CHRIST as his LORD and SAVIOR, he is then taken through a process of being transformed. His mind has to be renewed before he is handed his earthly assignment. Let's remember that a man's wife is his help-meet; therefore, GOD will never give a wife to a man who has not first received and accepted his assignment. After all, why give him a help-meet when he doesn't know what he needs help with? Additionally, GOD will not release a woman to be found who has not found herself.

Finally, the time comes when the firstborn (man) is released to find his wife. He searches the WORD, and as he continues to find himself, he finds an important part of himself: his rib, or better yet, his wife. Once he's found his wife, he must agree with GOD that she is his wife, and he brings forth witnesses before making his verbal declaration of faith (confession) that the woman whose hand he is about to take is about to be confirmed through sex as his wife. His verbal vow is a declaration of faith, but the sexual act itself is the works of faith. He is simply confessing her as his wife before confirming her as his wife.
2 Corinthians 13:1: In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.
Note: Without the witnesses, the marriage is not established; therefore, any confirmation (sex) before declaration (vows) is an illegal act known as fornication.
James 2:26: For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.
A man could declare (vow) that a woman was his wife, but until he has sex with her, she is still considered his virgin, but not his wife. A wife is a woman who's been penetrated sexually. Even the laws of mankind do not acknowledge a marriage until it's been consummated. “Nevertheless he that standeth stedfast in his heart, having no necessity, but hath power over his own will, and hath so decreed in his heart that he will keep his virgin, doeth well” (1 Corinthians 7:37).

So, what is fornication then? Fornication means to illegally and sexually enter a woman without GOD'S permission. It is to openly and unashamedly rebel against GOD with one's body. It is to confirm a woman as one's wife without declaring her as the wife before GOD and two or more witnesses. Because GOD did not give HIS permission, nor was HE consulted about the union, the act in itself is deadly because man operates without a covering when he lies down with a wife; meaning, he steps out from under the protective covering and will of GOD to commit fornication. This means that he steps from under the CHRIST-head, and he establishes a relationship from the flesh and for the flesh; that very same flesh that wars against the Spirit. “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would” (Galatians 5:17).

When a man steps from under the CHRIST-head, he steps into judgment because he erects himself as an idol, and he offers the woman (or women) he's sleeping with as a living sacrifice on his altar. In sleeping with the woman, he becomes one with her; thus, making it illegal for any other man to marry her (until she repents and is delivered, of course). After all, fornication means to illegally wed another person through the act of sex. People in fornication aren't unmarried; they are illegally married; meaning, GOD is not in their unions. Their unions are Godless temples erected for the flesh. Since the wages of sin is death, opening oneself up or submitting oneself to fornication is the same as inviting death into your body. “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body” (1 Corinthians 6:18).

The woman who's been penetrated now has an uncovered head because she's submitted herself to a man who was uncovered, and at the same time, she now finds herself in a Godless marriage where she willfully submits herself repeatedly as a living sacrifice to the man (or men) she's lying with. In doing this, she and the man she's lying with become unholy and unacceptable to GOD. They have rejected the WORD; meaning, they have rejected CHRIST in their union. Because they have rejected the protective covering of the order of GOD, their relationship becomes a relationship established in darkness. This means that Satan has rights to and in that relationship, and the unification of fornicators is a coming together of two people in disagreement with the WORD of GOD. Fornication is a rebellious act where two or more people join themselves together as one against the LORD. Of course, many believers who participate in fornication will have a hard time acknowledging that they are against GOD, but we must remember that JESUS said anyone who is not against HIM is for HIM (See Luke 9:5). Anything not done with GOD'S permission is done against GOD; it is an openly rebellious act against the WORD of GOD. We cannot kick GOD out of certain areas of our lives and invite HIM into other areas of our lives. GOD won't accept portioned out righteousness seasoned with sin and served up to HIM by unrepentant souls who apologize repeatedly but refuse to repent. With HIM, we're either hot or cold, but we cannot be lukewarm. This means that we cannot serve two gods. We cannot work against HIM on some days while working for HIM on other days.
Revelation 3:16: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

When two people come together in fornication, they are agreeing with whatever doctrine their act is acceptable in. Since GOD forbids fornication, they are not in agreement with GOD, and this means, they come together in agreement with Satan. Of course, many people don't know that to sin means to oppose GOD, or to stand against HIM. Satan stands against GOD, so when we take a stand, we are either taking one for GOD or against HIM; there are no neutral grounds. When we choose not to fornicate, we are choosing to stand for HIM. When we choose to fornicate, we are choosing to stand against HIM. Again, we can't take those scriptures we like and accept them; all the while, rejecting the scriptures we don't like. We either accept or reject HIM in our lives.

Finally, when a woman is made a wife, her soul begins to recognize that she is married, and as such, her husband has a duty to provide for her. Without a covering, however, she is exposed to the demonic, and will become unstable, distrusting and ashamed. She won't understand why she feels the need to find a man, but the truth is: Her soul is crying out for a covering. So, what does she do? Most women look for men who are similar to the man who's taken their virginity. They find themselves attracted to men who look, sound and act like their runaway husbands. Oftentimes, after a few failed relationships, a woman will then seek coverings that seem different from the men of their pasts, but her subconscious mind (voice of her soul) somehow sees something in every lover that reminds her of her past lovers. Every new lover will drop his soul off in her, and she will look for men who remind her of her past lovers. Of course, most women don't do this consciously; they do it subconsciously because their souls are crying out for a covering. The uncovered wife will subconsciously look for men who are similar to her past lovers, and she'll want to start her new relationships off where her old relationship dropped off at. For example, if she was three years into a relationship with a man before that union ended, she's not likely going to want a slowly paced relationship, and for that reason, she'll likely submit herself sexually to a man a lot sooner than she'd submitted herself to her first, second and third lovers. (Why do you think the world now has a three month sex clause)? If she has her own house, she'll easily open up her home for her new boyfriend. If she has a car, she'll happily hand over the keys to her car to let her new (and illegal) husband drive her car. But, if she's extremely distrusting and has been hurt a lot, she may not easily invite her new beau into her house or give him the keys to her car because a woman who's been repeatedly hurt lives in fear of being hurt again. Fear is faith headed in the wrong direction. Fear means to have faith in the devil and his doctrine. She has faith that her new lover will betray her, so she will present herself as a “strong” woman. She's not strong; she's simply bracing herself for the impact of being betrayed again, and her anger, rebellion and willingness to let go of a man is simply her responding to every man who's hurt her. She covers herself in expensive garments. She covers her head with the hair from other women. She decorates her face with makeup, and perfumes her body with oils from around the world. She carefully chooses her shoes and she makes sure that her undergarments compliment her body. She then heads out the door, covered in layers of who she is not in an attempt to find a husband. She has many costumes, and with each new lover, she loses a piece of her identity and adds a new layer to her costumes. After each failed relationship, her mind and her attitude gradually change for the worse. She doesn't know that she needs to return to her first love: JEHOVAH, so she seeks a new lover. Every child born to her is left to be raised by her, while the father of the child finds other women to become one with. Behind each new lover, her responsibilities increase, and she begins to seek counsel, but because she has rejected her first love, she seeks unwise counsel from her radio, television set and her ungodly friends. She's married and she doesn't know she's married. All she knows is that she wants to be married someday.
Now, if she's in church, she may seek semi-wise counsel often avoiding anyone who'll tell her the whole truth. Instead, she'll keep following behind her own understanding in an attempt to nab a husband as fast as she can. Behind every lover, she cries out to GOD, asking for HIS forgiveness; yet, she won't stop fornicating because she asked for forgiveness and forgot to ask for deliverance. She needs to be delivered from the souls of every man she's become one with. She needs to be delivered from every right she's handed the enemy through her fornications. She needs to be delivered from her way of thinking. She's in bondage, and she needs to be set free.

This is to say that GOD gave wives the greatest roles on earth, but women who become illegal wives end up having one of the greatest responsibilities and worst roles on earth, and that is to walk the earth uncovered. Men rob themselves of the blessings of GOD too, but oftentimes, in fornication, a woman pays the greatest price because she robs herself the opportunity to be covered, protected and provided for by her GOD-ordained spouse. She exchanges this blessing for part-time lovers who spend months or years with her before walking away and leaving her uncovered. In every order, the person at the lowest end of the order will always be affected the greatest.

With sex, you'll notice that the ordinary position is called the missionary position where the man lies on top of the woman. This act demonstrates a husband covering his wife. In this position, the wife is totally submitted to the man she's lying with. This is a position of trust and full submission. It is also a position that should only be occupied by the GOD-permitted husband who will happily declare his wife before man and GOD before confirming his wife through sex; otherwise, a man will cover any woman he's lying with using his body, but he will refuse to cover her after the sexual deed itself is over and he'll expose her to the dangers associated with rebellion (a sin of witchcraft).

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