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The Trickling Down of Fornication Part Two

A body's greatest impact is felt when it's hit by another body.

In my last article, we discussed what fornication is and how it affects both men and women. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of fornication and how it has made its way into the church.

We all know that Satan seeks to kill, steal and destroy anything established by GOD. He's jealous of GOD, and he is resentful because he wants to share in GOD'S glory. He attempted to wage a war against GOD, and he lost. Now, Satan has no chance for redemption; he is damned to hell with no remedy. So, what's a bitter angel to do who has nothing left to lose? He utilizes the time he has left to wage war against GOD through HIS people. So, Satan began to systematically bring down man by encouraging mankind to become artificially intelligent (trusting in the works of their own hands) while pulling further and further away from GOD. As mankind gets smarter (by their own standards), mankind gets even more foolish in the things of the LORD. Satan has convinced many to lean to their own understandings, and by doing so, he's encouraged many to become their own gods.

As mankind began to grow more independent from GOD, man began to separate himself from the established order of GOD. When the Bible was the ruling authority with men, there was oftentimes order amongst GOD'S people, and anytime the people of GOD rebelled, GOD would chasten them and get them back in order. But now, the LORD has allowed the wheat (believers) to grow up with the tares (unbelievers) for a short time; meaning, we are now influenced by the world and its ways, but we should not conform to it.

GOD warned believers not to become like the world, but of course, this is hard to do when we've been submerged in the cultures of this world. “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:2). Why did GOD tell us not to conform to this world? Because the system of the world is established by the prince of the world: Satan, himself. In conforming to this world, a believer conforms to the doctrine of this world, and that believer begins to think, speak and behave as the world. The world does not follow GOD, nor does the world obey HIM. For this reason, the world involves itself in fornication with no thought or consideration for the WORD of GOD. A believer who conforms to this world will involve himself or herself in fornication, and will begin to reason like the world; thus, causing them to rebel against GOD from within the church. This means that sin, which was once outside the church and found amongst the heathens, is now in the church and found amongst believers.

The enemy had a plan. He understood that GOD is the head of CHRIST; CHRIST is the head of man, and man is the head of woman. He could not get CHRIST to bow down and worship him, so he decided to go against the next ruler in charge. Man is head of the woman and ruler of his home. The enemy began to encourage man to not follow GOD anymore, using man's newfound “intelligence” and love of money as a justification. He caused man to reason within himself and not consider the scriptures. What better way to attack man than to attack the church in which man was in submission to?

During the thirteenth and fourteen centuries, the Catholic church was the ruling authority in England, even though England had a king. The king was to be in subjection to the Catholic church, and therefore, could not override the church's ruling. But one wicked king arose to battle the system, and his name was King Henry Tudor, VIII. King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife (Catherine) because she had not provided him with a male heir, but the Catholic church would not allow for divorce. He petitioned the pope for a divorce, and when the pope declined his request, King Henry VIII changed the laws, asserting himself as supreme ruler over the church. King Henry went on to marry a total of six times. He divorced two wives, had two wives executed, one of his wives died from health issues, and the final one outlived him. This behavior, of course, trickled down to the people, seeing as it was that he was king.

In the seventeenth century, divorce was almost impossible to obtain in England unless the man who wanted a divorce was wealthy. Of course, England is where the American system originated. So, as the heart of man began to wax cold with hatred, men found another way to get rid of their wives. They began selling their wives through public auctions as an alternative to divorce. Other wives were subjected to repeated physical, verbal and emotional abuse, and some were even killed by the husbands who'd promised to love and protect them.

By the eighteen and nineteenth centuries, the conditions for married women continued to grow worse as the heart of man continued to darken. Wives were completely dependent on their husbands for financial support as women were oftentimes not allowed in the workplace or paid low wages. In 1857, divorce was legalized in England, and again, the American system was tied up and influenced by the English system. It was during that time that many wives were abandoned and could not provide for their children because most women were not educated. Parents raised their sons to work, but they raised their daughters to be wives. Many men were shipped out to war as well, and some of them were killed in war. Of course, this left their wives the responsibility of providing for their children, but again, the system was prejudiced against women. Additionally, there were only a few fields women were allowed to work in, and they were low-paying fields. These fields included: teaching, nursing, printing and working in the food industry. This encouraged a women's movement, where many women battled against the government to get higher paying jobs, less discrimination and more rights as women.

Women then began to fight for equal rights, and of course, even though this war was being waged outside of the home, it was also about the conditions many women had been forced to live in within their homes. Women wanted better jobs, more pay and equal rights because they wanted to become independent of men, just as many men had become independent of CHRIST. Satan knew that if he could cut off or remove the head, the body wouldn't be able to function. Man is the head of woman; therefore, many women weren't able to function in a system that favored men. As women grew smarter and realized their potential, many women began to challenge other laws that favored men. Additionally, many women began to compromise sexually because men were popularly regarded as promiscuous creatures.

So, what we see here is a breakdown of the order of GOD, and this breakdown started with men. As the love of money continued to grow, more things that are against GOD, such as pornography, were allowed to be created, distributed and sold. It was and still is (with most people) all about the money. Nowadays, music and television encourages sexual misconduct, often displaying women as nothing more than sexual objects. Media also encourages promiscuity amongst women, while often portraying men as the villains who are getting their long-overdue paybacks. This is to say that the world's system encourages its followers to follow demonic trends, and it goes without saying that many in the church have followed the world and brought what they've learned from the world into the church. Nowadays, the average wheat (believer) is no different from the tare (unbeliever). Today, many churches have linked up to this world's system, and promiscuity has become the norm.

Most believers were born in the world and were taught by the world's system. Many believers were even raised by unbelieving or religious parents. Children brought up in religious households often shunned (and continue to shun) the idea of holiness because they've never been introduced to it. They see church as nothing more than a place of judgmental, fire-breathing, hypocritical individuals who enjoy devouring one another. One could easily say that the church is getting worse, but in truth, what's happening is the wheat is being separated from the tares, even within the church.

Many people claim to know and love the LORD, yet, they follow a system that hates HIM. So, what the LORD is allowing to happen in this time is for mankind to choose which god he will serve. The average believer fornicates because the average believer does not truly believe GOD. The average believer trusts in his or her own thoughts, but at the same time, wants to get into Heaven. So, many people who come to church do not come because they love the LORD; they come because they don't want to go to hell. You see, the world's system is a lot of fun, and many believers (leaders included) refuse to separate themselves from it because they feel that it benefits them; when in truth, it doesn't. The issue is, we've been taught to depend on man's system for so long that we're now having to be introduced to a new system; a system in which we feel our hands are tied because we are required to trust the LORD. And just as we grew up in the world, we have to grow up in the LORD. Growing up in the LORD means that we die to this world, disassociate ourselves from its system and began to trust in the GOD we claim to love.

Fornication is nothing more than the bringing together of two souls in disagreement with GOD. It is to rebel against the order of GOD by submitting something that belongs to HIM (our souls) to another force; a force that is clearly not in submission to HIM or HIS will. The enemy found a way to tear down the institution of legal marriage, and today, he now encourages illegal marriage (fornication) because he understands the trickling down process. When a woman begins to engage in premarital sex, she allows her head (authority) to be uncovered. Children produced through her will grow up under a system designed by the enemy to pervert them. Many of these children won't have their biological fathers around to raise them, and at the same time, many children watch their mothers (and fathers) engage in multiple relationships. This teaches children to fornicate, with marriage being the ultimate goal. This means that we're teaching our children to put themselves and their ungodly desires first, but to religiously claim GOD and go to church. Consequentially, many children will continue to teach their children the very systems that they were taught by their parents: fornicate, shack, revel and then, go to church on Sunday.

Again, the great news is: GOD is actually separating the wheat from the tares in this hour. Many believers are being called back to their first love (JEHOVAH), but sadly, only few are answering the call. Many are hitting the snooze buttons, believing they can sin for just a little while longer, or at least, until they get what they want from sin. Of course, there is nothing in sin but death and a free ticket to hell. Most people want what GOD has to offer, but they don't want to do the work required to obtain faith. That’s because the world's system continues to draw in souls who want instant blessings. The enemy has lied to the church, and caused many to believe that they can follow the world and still go to Heaven. By encouraging believers to follow the world, the enemy causes them to unknowingly walk in enmity with GOD. “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4).

Anytime a person does not truly know the LORD, that person will only desire to enter Heaven, but will not desire to live in holiness. Holiness is the very essence of who GOD is. In fornication, a person attempts to get the blessings of GOD by entering in through the window (illegally), and not entering in through the door (legally) as a son (heir). Again, as discussed in my previous article, a woman who has premarital sex will pick up the souls of every man she's had sex with, and this will affect her thinking and her reasoning. A man who is not in submission to CHRIST will always be selfish (the nature of the flesh), and he will seek to satisfy his selfish nature by indulging his flesh in the sins that GOD has forbidden: fornication, adultery, lasciviousness, drunkenness, reveling, envying, etc. Even though many of the women of old rebelled against men and their policies, women still continue to follow men, even following them into sin. That's because an uncovered woman is hungry for a covering, and she will seek husbands that she can recognize; men who remind her of her father, a father-figure, or her previous lovers. Men, on the other hand, will seek women according to whatever they are in submission to. A man who is in submission to GOD will seek a Godly woman; a man who is in submission to religion will seek a religious or worldly woman, and a man who is in submission to Satan will seek a sinful woman. Additionally, many men who are in submission to the enemy seek after believing women, but not because they are attracted to them; it's often because they are attracted to something that's present in whatever women they are seeking. In other words, when a believing woman has not been delivered from a worldly mindset, the sin in her will attract unbelievers, and of course, an unbelieving man will discourage his wife's faith and encourage her to be sinful. When a believing woman entertains an unbelieving man, he will submerge her in the cultures of this world, and he will separate himself (flee) from her if she decides to turn wholeheartedly away from her sin and follow after GOD. If she continues to submit to the world, however, he will prune away any likeness of GOD she has before tossing her back into the world to fall under a system of promiscuity, brokenness and uncertainty.

This is to say that fornication is a pagan practice; it is not something a believer should participate in. All the same, in fornication, a woman will always suffer the greater blow because women are receptors; whereas, men are imparters. Of course, GOD gives man the greater punishment because HE gave man the greater responsibility, but a woman who lies down with an illegal lover will work harder in her lifetime. She will also have more financial and health problems than a legally married wife or a virgin. The better way to live is to simply come out of the world's system, and walk by faith, not by sight. The world's system is founded on the love of money, and it encourages the very behaviors that GOD said would prohibit a person from entering Heaven.

We must pursue an intimate knowledge of GOD so we can initiate an intimate relationship with GOD. No man will enter Heaven without holiness, and contrary to popular belief, GOD will not stretch HIS WORD to allow self-proclaimed “good” people into Heaven just because they've done great things while in the midst of their sins. Remember what CHRIST said to the rich young ruler who asked HIM what he could do to enter Heaven. CHRIST told him that he lacked one thing. Can you imagine that? It can be that one thing that makes the difference between whether you inherit eternal life or eternal damnation. We can't trick the LORD into believing that we love HIM, for love makes itself known in the actions of whomever it lives in. GOD said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” HE wasn't begging you to keep HIS commandments; HE was commanding you to keep HIS commandments. HE was saying that the life you choose to live will show you (in addition to your heart) not just who you love, but who you serve. If you love and serve JEHOVAH, it will be evident in your life, and not just on your lips when it's convenient for you. If you love the world, it will be evident in your life, and in your speech at all times (except when you have a religious episode at Sunday church service). Holiness isn't just a word that we should add to our religious vocabularies; holiness is the very beauty of GOD, and if we're not wearing it when we meet HIM face-to-face, we will approach HIM in an image that's not in HIS likeness. The image of unholiness is the face of Satan. Remember, GOD is presently separating the wheat from the tares. Be sure to separate yourself from this world and its ways; otherwise, you will receive the judgment of the world because you will be the world. There's no such thing as a secular Christian.

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