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The Trials of Michael Jackson: the media exposed

A good reputation is the most valuable thing we have—men and women alike. If you steal my money, you’re just stealing trash. It’s something, it’s nothing: it’s yours, it’s mine, and it’ll belong to thousands more. But if you steal my reputation, you’re robbing me of something that doesn't make you richer, but makes me much poorer. (Othello Act 3. Scene 3, Page 8) William Shakespeare

Media blitz
Gregory Son

The Trials of Michael Jackson is an extraordinary documentary/movie. Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw, who produced the movie, came like others to film the trial. However, as they began to see the unspeakable reality, they stopped filming the trial. They began to film the media and the fans. “No one could have been prepared for what was to come. They had not anticipated all the compassion that would come from Michael's fans, more importantly, they had no idea of how vicious the media was. Money grabbing media had already prepared headline reading guilty, and the verdict hadn't even come in! Journalists, who for money did all they could possibly do remove fans from the trial, even assaulting them. The trial was a money maker for journalists, but this movie was their nightmare!" Riogirl left this comment for Dana and Barry, who were joined by Gregory Son on their broadcast.

Riogirl Shirley · Top Commenter · Concordia University

"Excellent film regarding what REALLY went on in Santa Maria at the Michael Jackson trial in 2005, and what media people were REALLY doing to manipulate the public to sell their reports and shows and make as much money go into their OWN pockets, rather than simply INFORMING AND TRUTH."

The Trials of Michael Jackson is a movie that reveals what really happened in the trial of 2005.It shows how media lies encompassed Michael Jackson. He was victim to the evils of slander, and the horror of propaganda. Propaganda does not just happen, it is well thought out. The game is to successfully use deceptive messages to create an emotional reaction to the lies being presented. Michael Jackson was used as the subject of massive propaganda. They were lies, and the perpetrators made unimaginable amounts of money. Here are just a few propaganda tactics used to crush Michael Jackson. The public was hugely deceived, and many have never recovered. Propaganda is like a virus. It is actually mind control of the masses. The Trials of Michael Jackson may well bring some healing. Here are just a few of the tactic used in propaganda.

1) Name calling- is abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group, a verbal they called him a child molester.
2) Bandwagon- is an appeal to the subject to follow the crowd, to join in because others are doing so as well. It was lucrative, so everybody wanted to get in on it,
3) Testimonials-are quotations or endorsements, in or out of context, which attempt to connect a famous or respectable person with a product or item. They paid people to give testimonials that were lies.

This is an important documentary that has been suppressed so as not to disturb the heinous lies of what really happened at the trial. It is not enough to just hear from one person. This is far too significant. We are going to listen to several commentaries about The Trials of Michael Jackson. Some will be those who were there, some will be those actually experienced the film, and some will be friends of Michael Jackson.

The important thing is to show why this documentary is so significant. Did you know that there is one specific group of people that own almost all of the airwaves? They are main stream media. You will only see what they choose to broadcast. This is a truth that many do not know about. Think about it Comcast owns NBC, it is an enormous cable distributor, and now it is buying Time Warner, AOL. That means that Comcast has power over much that you see on TV, much that occurs on the internet, and will have a huge effect upon what you read.

Now why is this important? The answer is that but for films like The Trials of Michael Jackson, which Dana and Barry made, we are not likely to see a lot of truth from main stream media. The Trials of Michael Jackson is our opportunity to see something fresh new and true. This film belongs in everybody's library. Michael's good friend David Nordahl also wants to see truth.

Nordahl, 68, became not only Jackson's favorite living artist (Michelangelo led the historic ranking) but a trusted adviser and confidant who designed Neverland carnival rides and joined family outings. He ducked the media for years, "because they wanted to talk about negative stuff, and I don't know anything bad about Michael," "I always thought of him as normal," he says. "He's the most thoughtful, respectful person I've ever met. In 20 years, I never heard him raise his voice." When I interviewed David, what he had to say was chilling, He told how far the media would go for lies and greed.

David Nordahl ~ An Unforgettable Journey, Michael and Me: DAVID NORDAHL

[David Nordahl] I got a call from all the rags and they had cash money. They were running around with the rags from England who are over here with suitcases full of money. (Rags are tabloids)

[Rev Dr Catherine M Gross] 1:04:27: To pay you?

[David Nordahl] 1:04:30: Yeah. To pay anybody that would talk about Michael, but it had to be negative stuff. I told him I said "I don't know anything bad about Michael, I said I can't help you". I know that one time they wanted to know who all those children were in the--to fill the dreams. I say "hey they are all made up. I made them up", you know, I did not know photos to work from. I just made all that's stuff up and so they were disappointed at that but I got many calls, you know, that wanted me to talk about Michael something they could dig up, you know, something new that was bad about Michael but I didn't know anything. So, what can I say?

Did you catch that? A multitude of things the world heard were paid for lies. The Trials of Michael Jackson uncovers what has been hidden so long. The truth effects out hearts. B. Anderson comments;

B. Anderson ~ The Trials of Michael Jackson February 12, 2014

“The Trials of Michael Jackson offers a seldom seen before and fascinating look into the workings of how the media reported on the Michael Jackson trial in 2005. I highly recommend it. It reveals eye-opening insights into how the media operates behind the scenes in order to present their version of the "truth". From reporters rehearsing a guilty speech before the verdict was even announced, to their reactions when the camera was turned on them for a change, to their attempts at manipulating the fans and how those in support of Michael were viewed.

‘The producers were able to gain a view of the trial the public did not get to see. Not just outside the courthouse, but from also inside as they watched the proceedings for themselves and listened to actual testimony, not just from the prosecution's side but also from the defense side as well. Because of this they are able to present a clearer picture than most of the media who were only interested presenting the prosecution's side.

‘The media's disdain for facts and downright cruelty in their depiction of Michael Jackson and those who were out there to show their support, is something everyone who cares about truth and how its depicted should see. Truth is a precious commodity and should never be thrown lightly aside because it doesn't fit a specific agenda or may not attract enough advertising dollars. And we as the public hold a responsibility to ensure we receive the full story instead of accepting what a media driven by profit feed to us, just because it’s easier to do so.

‘My thoughts watching this film, continuously turned to Michael Jackson himself. Can you imagine being the target of all of that hate, animosity, and derision every day for months? On a global scale no less? How do you convince people of your innocence when it seems no-one is listening or wants to listen?”

Next,Author Charles Thomson. He is an multi-award winning court reporter, feature writer and investigative journalist. Charles has become internationally known for challenging the media's unfair coverage of Michael Jackson. One of the youngest writers ever to be given his own Huffington Post blog, his first two pieces dealt with shoddy reporting on Michael Jackson, using the star's coverage as a microcosm for wider journalistic failings.

Charles Thomson, who is an unshakable defender of Michael Jackson, is a multi-award winning court reporter, feature writer and investigative journalist. His stories have appeared in numerous papers.

Charles Thomson ~ One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History

“Looking back on the Michael Jackson trial, I see a media out of control. The sheer amount of propaganda, bias, distortion and misinformation is almost beyond comprehension. Reading the court transcripts and comparing them to the newspaper cuttings, the trial that was relayed to us didn't even resemble the trial that was going on inside the courtroom. The transcripts show an endless parade of seedy prosecution witnesses perjuring themselves on an almost hourly basis and crumbling under cross examination. The newspaper cuttings and the TV news clips detail day after day of heinous accusations and lurid innuendo.” Charles was on the money. In fact, his article corroborates The Trials of Michael Jackson. We can see the evils of the media.

June Nycgal is a 'Top Reviewer' at Amazon She has written 36 customer reviews, and 258 people were helped by her.

June NYCGAL ~ 2005 Trial - Turning the Camera on the Media! February 1, 2014

This film is a "must see" for anyone who harbors doubts about the Media's power to manipulate and control public perception. The film makers turned their cameras on certain well known "journalists" reporting from Michael Jackson's 2005 Santa Maria, CA trial, as said "journalists" attempted to interview Michael's fans and supporters for the sole purpose of sensationalizing and depicting the fans as fanatical and obsessed.

With no televised coverage of the 2005 trial, the only information received by the public was from "journalists" and reporters who had access to the courtroom, most of whom were only too eager to report the prosecution side of the case while saying little if anything about Tom Mesereau's decimation of prosecutor Sneddon's witnesses and slim evidence. This, combined with their wholly inaccurate depiction of Michael's "crazed fans", leaves little doubt in my mind why, to this day, there remain so many individuals who believe Michael Jackson, a man totally vindicated by acquittal, was just another guilty celebrity who escaped prison.

To those who hold that erroneous belief, I urge you to view this excellent film, conduct your own research, read all available court transcripts, and then open your eyes to the manipulative power of an out-of-control, greed driven media to shape public opinion and perception.”

Barbara A. Taylor ~ Michael Jackson and media lies January 31, 2014

If you are a fan or even if you're not, this is a MUST for all. This made me sad, mad, and frustrated all at the same time. What the media did and are still doing to Michael JACKSON is sickening. Watch this and you will see exactly how the media does things and how they change stories to make it appear worse than it appears. The media has gotten worse over the years. Today is no different. This film is a must have! You'll understand what I mean when you see this film. I'm sorry Michael that they did this to you.

I am sorry too Barbara. I urge you, the reader to acquire this film and keep it in your library. In the meantime we are hoping for a part II. Here's is where you can find it.

The Trials of Michael Jackson [DVD]

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