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The trend of self service in handling auto insurance claims

An Insurance Adjuster will talk with you as if they are a close personal friend who has gone through a horrific experience.
An Insurance Adjuster will talk with you as if they are a close personal friend who has gone through a horrific experience.

We all know that a fender bender is a major inconvenience. Filing the claim, waiting for an adjuster, scheduling an appointment for an inspection and dealing with the repair. What a pain! Thanks to some innovative modern technology, filing auto insurance claims has just become a little easier.

The insurance sector, traditionally slow at adapting to innovation, is seeing a large shift in thinking when it comes to customer satisfaction. This has led to the push toward self-service claims processing. The U.S population is also rapidly adopting smartphone technology with a recent Forbes article estimating that 56% of the population is using these handy little devices.

Esurance recently released a new smartphone app that allows for live video appraisals to compliment their growing suite of solutions. Additionally other large auto insurers are jumping into the fray with their own versions of mobile claims technology. Other companies such as ACD and Snapsheet create mobile solutions for Insurers to facilitate the process.

Small losses such as a minor dents, scratches, and scuffs account for a large number of claims that easily be resolved within hours instead of days. This makes the consumer experience much more positive. Industry studies continue to support the fact that faster claim settlement times lead to policyholder retention and happy customers. This is driving force that has led to insurers to jump on the tech bandwagon.

Many experts and some insurers are treading slowly into this new territory, as it’s a drastic change in the policies and procedures of the past. Experts do agree however, that there must be some parameters put in place to properly triage from a self-service file to a traditional inspection.

Vice President Brian Bray of Carlsbad California based ACD, a technology and claims services provider to the insurance industry states, "Mobile self-service is certainly the future of claims but this model only works for a certain segment of losses such as minor damage and non-injury. There must also be built-in technology to catch potential fraudulent claims."

While insurance carriers are still sorting out many of these factors, the future is here and as consumers, the unfortunate headache of an auto claim might just get a little easier.

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