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The trend (for less): Trench coats

The classic trench
The classic trench
trench coat

The spring season brings certain fashion challenges – warming weather makes thick, heavy fabrics impractical, yet seasonal coolness prevents us from donning our summer wardrobe.

Layering is key during this transitional period. And one of the best ways to layer is with one of this season’s hottest trend items: the trench coat.

The trench coat has long been a wardrobe staple. Classic trench cuts and simple colors can be carried through seasons, years, weather types, and occasions and can easily provide polish and sophistication to an outfit.

There are many classic trench coat styles available at reasonable prices, all of which will stay with you for years to come.

Classic Trench Coat Styles:

Fit and Flare Trench (available in black) – $32.00

Bell Sleeve Trench (available in khaki or navy) - $32.80

Norma Kamali Lightweight Trench Coat (available in black or blue) - $35

Linen-Blend Trench (available in gray) - $39.99

Belted Trench (available in black, neutral, pink raspberry, red, and white) - $69.00 to $79.00

Perhaps the classic trench is too conservative for you?  This season, the classic trench has been updated with newer cuts, colors, textiles, and patterns: all of which provide the ability to individualize this classic style to suit your particular style.

If you prefer a more modern, unique trench, bear in mind the possibility that it will not be the long-lasting wardrobe staple that is the classic trench.  However, it will certainly provide sophistication and glamour to your look for as long as it remains age appropriate and wardrobe suitable.

A host of affordable modern styles are available for the budget-conscious fashion consumer.

Modern Trench Coat Styles

Cropped Leopard Print Trench - $11.99

Plaid Trench Coat (available in black/white combination) - $23.80

Wrapper Animal Trench Coat (available in black/white combination) - $27.20

Floral Trench Coat (available in black/white combination) - $38.99

Grosgrain Trim Coat (available in peach/black combination) - $39.80

Volume Back Trench Coat (available in cement gray, blue, cocoa butter, olive, ebony, and coral) - $39.99

Double-Breasted Trench (available in stone) - $51.99


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