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The trend (for less): Tall flat boots

As the weather gets colder, a great pair of boots becomes a perfect wardrobe staple.  This season, tall flat boots are everywhere.  The height makes them perfect over a pair of skinny jeans or cords or under a skirt of almost any length.  Being flat, they are comfortable and easy for running around while still looking chic and fashionable. 

Beautiful, trend-worthy boots are available at extremely affordable prices.  Plenty of different options can be found to fit any personal style or to blend perfectly into any wardrobe. 

Boots Under $30

Faded Glory Sylvia Boots (available in brown or black) - $20.00

Cuffed Suedette Boots (available in black ) - $29.80

Suede Slouchy Boots (available in brown or black) - $29.99

Boots Under $40

Wild Diva Kalisa-04 Flat Boots (available in brown, black, gray, or purple) - $33.00

Belted Boots (available in medium brown or black) - $34.99

Harley Boots (available in brown or black) - $36.80

Stud and Buckle Boots (available in brown, tan, black, or gray) - $39.50

Motorcycle Boots (available in black) - $39.50

Wrap Boots (available in taupe) - $39.90

American Eagle Marley Flat Boots (available in brown or black) - $39.99

Blowfish Zanadu (available in bark or black) - $39.99

Boots Under $60

Link Boots (available in brown, taupe, black, or raisin)

Michael Antonio Miga Knee High Boots (available in brown, black, or gray) - $59.90

Wanted Frontier Pull-On Boots (available in brown, tan, black, gray, white, and red) - $59.99