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The trend continues

Today's Prices
Today's Prices
Curt A. Hodapp

Tuesday, December 11, 2009 – Prices for crude oil continues to drop, a good indication that oil is on it way to the floor of $60 a barrel before the New Year. In the metro area, relief at the pump is showing with prices down $0.10 over this past week, and the decline should continue over the weekend and into next week.

The dollar improved as Gold dropped $114.70, and the U.S. Dollar index increased $0.47 today. These are continued signs that the dollar is getting stronger.

Two week totals:
Oil -$8.79
Gold -$80.90
US Dollar Index $2.13

These changes in oil, gold and the price of the dollar continue to be good news for consumers as they continue into the Christmas shopping season.

Today’s commodities

Oil and Gold slid lower, and the U.S. Dollar index ticked up; which is all good news for the consumer.

Oil* – Down $1.38 to $69.58

Gold* – Down $14.70 to $1,115.10

U.S. Dollar Index* – Up $0.47 to $76.57

Continue to follow these markets throughout the day as I update my Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook pages.

* Prices for these commodities were taken at 3:15 PM CST and may not reflect actual closing prices.