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The Tree of Tabetha Healy

Artist Tabeth Healy and her art work - trees
Artist Tabeth Healy and her art work - trees
Tabetha Healy

The tree of Tabetha Healy.

Local resident, Tabetha Healy, paints trees. Why? "No one tree is the same, just like no one person is the same."

"I have a daily tree project. I make a tree every day. I will choose which ones I like at the end of the project and make a book with my poetry" explained Healy.

Judging from the quality of her work it might be hard to choose which ones she will pick. Although purple and pink are some of her favorite colors she considers all colors as equal candidates to put into a painting.

The poetry that will be included in the book she elaborated with "I get really deep because I base it on my personal life. I think every artist---writer, photographer, or doodler has some angst."

Healy has exhibited her art at the Expressives Art Institute in San Diego and considers an artist she worked with there, the late Earl Storm, to be one of her artistic influences.

Tabetha's sister's art is music and her brother's is drawing. Artistry runs in the family. Tabetha lives in Alpine, California on the Viejas Indian Reservation, with her husband and son and is the artist in her household.

Another part of her artistic expression are the purple and pink streaks in her hair. As she says "Are a trademark now. My friend gifted me my stripes back (when she had them removed) because the hairstylist considered it to weird for me to not walk around with them."

Her giving spirit is exhibited by gifting some of her tree paintings to friends. She has had nothing but positive feedback from friends and family even on paintings she does not consider her favorites.

"I name each piece with how I feel. Right now I'm in a total Halloween spirit." Healy continued. "I get my art supplies at My Favorite Pastels, on Amazon, Michael's Crafts & Supplies, or the 99 cent store."

It has only been in the last year that she has been painting trees. Trees, and her paintings, might be considered the "Tree of Life" to her fans and people who possess her art.

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