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The transition into 2012

2012 doodle
2012 doodle
Michelle Cole

This is it: 2012, the infamous year spoken of, dreamt of and feared for centuries in the human mind and imagination. There may still be those doomsayers out there, ringing the bells signaling the end of the world. However, most rational people who listen to their own, higher inner guidance have come to the conclusion that this historic moment in human history is nothing more than an end of an era-not the world. The end of the world as we know it perhaps, because with endings come new beginnings and New Beginnings is what 2012 is all about.

Those who are in for the bumpiest rides are people who habitually use their mind, brain and logic over gut, heart and instinct to make choices. If you feel you are in control of your life because you plan every last detail of your day, you are in for a rough ride as well. If you believe you have the future well thought out and planned to the last possible situation: you’re in for a very, very rough ride. At least, that’s the general idea I’ve gotten from more than one source.

We are entering an era of living from the heart, being in touch with spirit and for many a strong call to find their true purpose for being here. This means surrendering completely to your destiny, to the will of God, of Goddess, of Spirit. Not our will, not our detail oriented plans that we believe will bring happiness or fulfillment. This is the time to open our hearts to Limitless Possibilities. To plot and plan the future is only limiting your potential, to surrender to the highest good of yourself, those in your care and all those you influence allows for so much more to come through and manifest in your life!

Dream, imagine, allow and accept are all key words that you would do well to keep in the forefront of your vocabulary this year. Especially ACCEPT!

This shift is in part about personal perspective and letting go of the fight to control, to hold onto the ILLUSION that we have total control of our lives. There is only one thing we have total control of in our lives and that is how we react to any given situation we are faced with. Be it the death of a loved one, animal or human. Be it the loss of a job or career path. Be it the end of a long relationship. We may not have control over what emotions take front and center in times of stress, but we have the power to choose how we react: with anger or grace, with rage or patience, with resentment or acceptance.

Of course, as so many of us know, understanding what the higher road is can be much easier than the work (and YES it’s work!) involved in training yourself to take the higher road: to react with grace, patience and acceptance in every situation. Few know this better than I, and there are an embarrassing number of witnesses in my life that could support that statement! So it comes as no surprise that my own personal way of slipping into this year of infamy was flat on my back due to a bad slip on ice and one pissed off L5 disc in my lower back! I thought nothing of it at first beyond the initial pain and the knocking of breath from my body. But two days later when I returned to work it became painfully clear to me that the damage was done and I was in for a rough transition into 2012.

Since December 27th I have been mostly confined to my bed or reclined on the couch: lying down is the best medicine and the only relief. If I stand or sit for too long, my back doesn’t give me much of a choice, but my knees only buckled and dumped me once, at the start when I underestimated the injury. Needless to say, the pain and helplessness didn’t bring out the best in me. It reached a peak on the day the pain was the worst, the day before I went to see Dr. Ann Ree. I felt like I pulled back the curtain to reveal a tiny bit of the rage that has lived in me for far too long. Well hidden from most people’s view, but there none-the-less.

I lashed out a bit at my mom and was certainly not reaching out to friends; I love my friends and the last thing I want to do is subject them to me at my worst! I love my mom to, but I felt she needed to understand what depth of pain I was dealing with. That night I had a vision of myself as a bitter, angry and very alone woman. My physical pain, while debilitating was nothing compared to the emotional anguish I was feeling in those dark moments of suffering. But that vision gave me the motivation to really decide to commit to LIFE. Doug may have hearing loss after bearing witness to my emotional plea for help from my Gods and Goddesses and Spirit Guides along with a list of others to take the pain: the emotional anguish and the physical pain both. I really, really am done with them thank you.

For good measure I proclaimed my desire to enjoy life, to live it with joy and of course I never leave out the ever-important note to all the dark and murky energies, etc, to take leave since they have no right to be here or influence the future of this planet. Isn’t that what the shift is about: entering an age of light, of true compassion for our fellow humans and the planet and all her abundant life forms? Compassion is the heart and basis of so many spiritual teachings. Again, as so many of us know, understanding what compassion is and living from a center of compassion every moment of your life are two very different things!

Well, good news! This is the year for Transformation, the likes of which haven’t been felt in a very long time. The world is reflecting this: the common people standing together en masse, saying “NO MORE!” Take your choice of things worth saying no to: tyranny, dictatorship, injustice, poverty, war, hate, greed of the few at the cost of the many and saying no more as well to the continued raping of natural resources at the cost of our own health, not just our planet. “Save the Earth” and “Save the Humans” really are interchangeable along with “Save the Rain Forests” and “Save the Whales”. For, another common theme in every indigenous culture’s spirituality is that we are truly one with everything.

So, it is an exciting, and sometimes frightening time to be a human being here and the best thing we can do for ourselves is realize we can’t change the world. We can only change our own perspectives, our own habits and we can become aware and connect with or create community. Power, Strength and Control have been given too long to the very few; balance must be regained, sanity in human practices must be restored and WE are the people who will put this Healing of the Planet and Human kind in motion.

Change is coming…are you going to accept and flow…are you going to fight and continue suffering? This is a planet of Free Will and it truly IS our choice! I’m not saying it will be easy, but I state for the record: I choose Grace. I choose Patience. I choose Acceptance. I choose unlimited Possibilities for the expression of my own personal Gifts. I choose community. I choose Love!

Most of all, I open myself to people who love me and will hold me and my behavior accountable to this end!



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