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The Transformation of Resurrection

Someone recently asked me, what does the idea of “Resurrection” have to do with their everyday life?
More often than not, when we hear the words Resurrection and resurrect we think of Jesus and the miracle of Easter more commonly known today as “Resurrection Sunday,” and of course we praise Jesus’ return to life as the fulfilling of the prophesy. And while there is nothing technically wrong with this concept of Resurrection Sunday, or Easter Sunday, or even with it being linked to Jesus specifically; the point that I would like to address is the metaphysical idea that Resurrection is not only to be attributed to Jesus.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." **Romans 12:2
“Nothing comes from without; all things come from within - from the subconscious” **Neville Goddard, Resurrection

I encourage each of us to keep in mind that the metaphysical concept and the idea of resurrection applies to each and every one of us every single day of our lives; the idea of resurrection need not wait for Easter for us to embody, evolve, transform, and bring life back into our own lives.
As I mentioned in the previous article referencing the post Easter considerations, we are a people ever so prone to compartmentalizing, willing to dwell more in the paradox of duality versus stepping into the consciousness of unity, oneness. It’s almost like it is more comforting to believe in separation than in togetherness.

Despite this perplexing malaise, at any given moment we can make it “Good Friday,” by choosing to lay down those paradigms, beliefs, and stories that no longer serve us. We can choose at any moment to stand not at the “Cross” but at the cross roads, the place of choice where we choose how we will proceed in our lives.

The interesting thing about choosing is that most of us believe we have no choice. We believe that we are but mere pawns, victims of the government, of our parents, of our employers, of the educational system, of the anthropomorphic God who sits in judgment of us and let us not forget the devil who is ever tempting and luring us away from the loving yet vengeful Creator. Truth be told, as I’ve said in many articles before, we are far more powerful and once we realize and once we “remember” this inherent power, our entire life experience shifts.

I know from experience at the moment I decided to change the story, shift my paradigms, reevaluate my beliefs, embrace the state of stillness, practice mindfulness, and simply Being, everything in my experience, my life, my circumstances, everything changed, evolved, and was transformed! I know this from personal experience, not hearsay, this is not a theoretical hypothesis, it is not simply an idea that is read about and discussed but not practical; this is something that I have lived and am living! And because I know it works, and because I know that there are others who are doing it as well, and that if it works for one it has the potential to work for many; if we are willing to die and be reborn.

Now back to this concept of resurrection. What in your life are you ready to lie down, to place into the grave so that the you that is the Truth can rise, awaken, be illumined, be aware, and be enlightened? Are you ready to do what needs to be done to live the life you desire to live? Are you ready to take the next step to transmute, transfer, and transform to your next level of greatness? Or is this, like many other years, simply a time to think of Jesus and “his” resurrection as being the exception rather than the example? Is this another year of thinking how great “he” was while continuing to placate and play small with our own lives rather than embodying his example and paying heed to his words which told us that we could do great things?

I read somewhere that death is merely another word for birth and I’m not sure where I read that or to what extent I’m paraphrasing it but it’s a concept that I find quite fitting for this topic. I often ask myself, “Are you willing to die?” Are you willing to die to the old stories, the old ineffective ways of living, the victim consciousness, the paradigms of lack and limitation, the states of being that say who and what you can’t be, what you can’t do, what’s impossible; are you ready to die to all of that, so that you may be born anew? Are you ready and willing to be resurrected to a life of infinite possibilities, of abundance, prosperity and wealth in all areas of your life experience, health, well-being, and love? Are you ready and willing to be resurrected to an experience of peace, joy, power, and the oneness from the experience and awareness that there is no separation between God and you; that You and God are in Truth One?

So rather than letting the idea of resurrection end on the Monday morning after Easter, I encourage you to periodically think about this idea of renewing life, resurrection, and transformation. I mean after all, it is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results; are we living that experience? Why not change it, right now, today. . . ?

Bring LIFE to your life, let there be a Resurgence of Power, Love, Grace through and through out all that you are and like the spring trees and plants, let your life bloom and bear fruit.

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