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The trail is here somewhere

A favorite bike trail in wisconsin
A favorite bike trail in wisconsin
w j hartlich

Ah! Winter in Wisconsin. The snow, the cold, the cold, the cold, the lack of sunshine & the lost bike trails.

January and February have a way of really putting a damper on bike riding. Particularly this winter, anyway. -40 to -50 wind chills. Real temperatures that dip down to almost -20 (the car thermometer read -23 driving past Holy Hill this week). Schools canceled, businesses closed, highways almost empty during the morning commute, don't you just love winter?

Winter has many, many great things going on. Hundreds of people fill the ski trails (that might be where the bike trail used to be), hundreds more fill the slopes on skis or on snowboards. Even more people are riding their snow mobiles and some ATVs, but there aren't too many riding their bikes.

Winter is a great season. Winter is enjoyable. Winter is fun! Winter is coming to an end. Please, please come to an end....

Get your chain greased and your tires pumped up. It won't be long!

Happy Cycling & always, always wear your Helmet!

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