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The toyota supra is back!

For those who are Toyota fans as well as sports car fans will be glad to hear in 2015 the Supra will be back. This car hasn’t been around since 2002. The concept first appeared at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2007, unfortunately when the economy tanked the idea was almost completely removed from Toyota’s files. Thankfully though, Toyota wants to get back into the game of sports cars again. One change for this car is it won’t be called a Supra it is given the new name FT-1 which stands for Future Toyota 1.
I’m personally happy about this; the Supra isn’t widely known for everyday drivers. It is very well known in the street racing world ever since the 1987 supra came out with a turbo and then the 1997 came with a twin turbo. People were much bigger fans of the 90s generation style because it was sleeker and just cool looking
The Supra will have a 3.5 litre V6 mid engine. Putting out 350 hp with 372 lbs of torque; for those who don’t know what torque is its thrusting power; the force used to move around a point. The FT-1 will come with all wheel drive. The upgraded version will have a V8 450 hp motor with 520 lbs of torque. There is even talk about a hybrid version coming out late. The expected price for this car will be in the ballpark of $40,000-$50,000. Toyota did this purposely, giving you speed, looks, and power for a more reasonable price tag. The FT-1’s competitors include the Subaru WRX, Nissan GTR (aka Skyline)and the Z06 Camaro. Of all these cars they all cost more than the FT-1.
The fans of the Supra are all looking forward to this September when the 2015 enter the lot. This car comes with retractable rear wings and a see through hood much like the Ferrari.
To allow this car some very decent exposure Gran Turismo 6 will have this car in the game to get street racers attention.
So, if you’re trying to be beat the Johnson’s buy this car and you will have officially won.

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