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The top valentine day destinations where cupid is most likely to strike

Valentine day top places
Valentine day top places
Top valentine day places

Being gifted flowers and candies for Valentine's Day has been a tradition since time immemorial, but the modern day lover is always keen to spring a surprise on their companions that won't soon be forgotten. Taking your beloved to a truly exciting and romantic destination on Valentine to spend some real moments of togetherness on the most romantic day of the year beats everything else. Here is a list of the top Valentine date spots that can make your Valentine feel on top of the world.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas beats most other destinations hands down as the top destination to spend time together on V-day. The place has romance oozing out of every corner. The abundance of romantic shows and romantic-themed restaurants give you an abundance of options to express your love on the big day.

New York

North America's largest city is another favorite Valentine Day destination. The metropolis has been most romanticized in movies and has something to fit all tastes. New York can be anything you want it to be, from bright-lights-big-city to sleepy, side-street secret. The choice is yours.


Miami is quite unlike other cities in the Southeast or anywhere else in the North America. It offers a pan-American mosaic with stunning surroundings that make romantic hearts leap with joy. The sexiest city in the USA could be just the right place for great things to happen to your love life.

San Francisco

Locals and visitors alike swoon over San Francisco due to its romantic settings. The numerous boutique hotels and romantic hideaways make this Northern California city the dreamiest Valentine Day destination you can ever hope to be at.

Savannah, Georgia

If you are looking to floor your loved one with some swampy Southern charm, then head for the Savannah this Valentine. The place has lots of romantic places to stroll around hand in hand and explore the Spanish moss-encased town that has a vibrant history to back its romantic credentials.