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The top three personality traits that make a man attractive

Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling are two celebrities who embody all three of these traits, making them both pretty darn attractive.
Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling are two celebrities who embody all three of these traits, making them both pretty darn attractive.
Getty Images; Caitlin Gillmett

It takes much more than good looks to make a man appealing. In fact, a guy with the following three traits doesn’t even need to be physically attractive, because these are the qualities that attract and keep a woman’s interest.

Humor is the most important quality to make a man a keeper. Women who date funny men are rarely bored. Guys who are funny (and actually clever, not just fart/sex-joke funny) have a lot going for them. Truly funny guys are smart guys. It is impossible to have a real sense of humor without having a deeper understanding of the world. Take the men from SNL, for example. Guys like Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis aren’t overwhelmingly hot, but they understand satire and they make people laugh; therefore, women love them. Men with a sense of humor are able to engage in witty banter, which is a major part of creating chemistry, especially when first getting to know someone. A man that can make a woman laugh and uphold an engaging conversation has it in the bag, especially with a woman who also appreciates and embraces humor herself.

The “It” Factor, a.k.a. “Swag”
This annoyingly prevalent term actually packs a lot of punch and is an extremely important part of a man’s attractiveness. This trait is somewhat hard to pinpoint, and differs from person to person, but once detected, it is obvious. Whatever defines one’s “swag”, there are a few ingredients that must be present. The main factor that makes up the “it” factor is confidence. A confident guy is instantly attractive; however, an overly confident guy comes across as simply arrogant. True, modest gentlemen are always appreciated, no matter how times may change. In essence, "swag” seems to be a balance of confidence, politeness, and lastly, uniqueness. Quirky qualities can work to a man’s advantage if he takes pride in them and embraces what makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd—it creates intrigue and mystery, which is always attractive.

A man with style can catch a woman’s eye, whether he has the face to match or not. This quality is closely related to the aforementioned “swag,” as a man’s style can be a part of his overall persona and uniqueness. Unfortunately, not enough men embrace their personal style and work to develop it. Fashion is not only a woman and gay man’s world. Men who can shop for themselves exude a certain fearlessness and independence—they are not scared of self-expression and they present themselves well. This does NOT mean that men should take on manscaping or god forbid, "peacocking," but a man with a distinct personal style, whether it be clean-cut, edgy, scruffy, or eccentric, will attract positive attention from the members of the opposite sex who embrace similar styles and most likely possess compatible values and personality traits as well.


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