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The Top Movies Of 2013

It has been quite a while since I last wrote an article, but what better way to continue write once more by giving a list of the best movies to come out in 2013. It has taken me a while to compile this list because I missed a couple of great movies that played while they were in the movie theaters and had to wait for them to come out on Blue Ray / DVD. So without further ado...

Best Movie That You Probably Didn't See, But Should Have - Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis is a remarkably well done film that has an ability to stick with you long after the credits roll because we all know someone like Llewyn Davis. The story follows Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) as a folk singer in New York, 1961 still trying to make it big with nothing more than a guitar too his name, plenty of talent, but a harsh and almost brutal exterior that never seems to fade. What you're watching is not a success story. Instead, watching a man's life spiral out of control as he gets stuck walking inside the same loop and never destined to escape it. Only to find momentary peace within the songs he sings before he accidentally messes up something else and makes the same mistakes again.

Yes, it sounds tragic, but that's where I applaud the Coen Brothers. In a time where every one is wanting to see a happy ending, the Coen Brothers have provided a movie that captures a certain realism about what happens when we're chasing our dreams for too long without compromise. Not everyone gains a happy ending. Not everyone learns from their mistakes. Sometimes they end up being like Llewyn. If you have the time, it can become an almost tedious free fall to watch, but Inside Llewyn Davis is quite possibly the most realistic movie I watched all year.

(Hon. Mention - Don Jon)

Best Coming of Age Film - Short Term 12 / The Spectacular Now

2013 had the best collection of Coming of Age films that we have had a chance to experience in quite sometime. Which made it a very difficult decision to for me to pick just one to be the best of the year, which is why I chose two different movies.

Both of these movies have strong leads carrying the movie from start to finish. They are both willing to delve themselves into darker emotional territories that most coming of age films are afraid to touch. Yet, most importantly, they both carried heart and had charm throughout the entire movie which allow you to really connect with characters, the situations they're placed in, and the very realistic outcomes to their situations.

(Hon. Mention - The Way, Way Back and The Kings Of Summer)

Best Animated Movie - Frozen

There isn't anything about Frozen that I can say that hasn't been said already. It was simply an enjoyable movie for everyone that carries a better theme within it than any other Disney movie out there (especially if aimed towards young girls). Olaf the Snowman is my favorite character within the entire movie, but it is hard to be mad at a snowman that optimistic (he wants to enjoy summer) and loyal. I'm not going to bore you with details, instead, just advise you to watch the film.

Best Love Story of the Year - Her

There's a lot of movies that can take consideration here, but when I watch a movie I do enjoy things that are a bit different. Her defines different, but somehow manages to feel not too far into the future. It's a tragic love story that takes a very human approach to what defines a relationship. I'll admit that it has a slow, and for it may be to slow of a start (I saw people leave the theater about thirty minutes into it), but once the movie gets going it is hard to not get lost in the world that is displayed in front of you. Joaquin Phoenix leads the cast, leads the audience, through his almost isolated life as he falls in love with his O.S. Sam (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) and slowly branches out to more parts of the world. Simply put, like any relationship, it's can be pretty great as long as you give it time to gain it's traction.

(Hon. Mention - About Time)

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