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The Top 9 Most Fattening Breweries

The folks over at the Daily Beast have put together an interesting list of what they consider to be the 50 most fattening beers. They spent 2 paragraphs detailing their criteria but basically, they’re looking for beers with lots of calories and little alcohol. You can find a link to the full slideshow below, but I was curious which breweries were the most frequent offenders. So I went through the list and here are the breweries which appear the most often:

MillerCoors 8

Anheuser-Busch 5

Leinenkugel 3

New Belgium Brewing 3

Sierra Nevada 3

D.G. Yuengling & Son 3

Henry Weinhard's 3

Genesee Brewing Co 3

Spoetzl Brewery 3

You can see the mass brewers are the worst offenders, which makes sense given they produce a large variety of beers, most of which tend to be low in alcohol. There are a few “craft brewers”, breweries defined by the Craft Brewers Association as those which produce less than two million barrels per year and independently owned. The most prominent of those names being New Belgium and Sierra Nevada. There are no Connecticut breweries on the list. It’s worth noting I included Blue Moon brands under the MillerCoors label, which the Daily Beast did not, but given the fact the Blue Moon is owned by Coors I felt it was fair to add them to their overall total.

The Daily Beast full list is here:


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