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The Top 5 Reasons Gabriel Iglesias wants you to see 'The Fluffy Movie'

It's been a long and well earned road to stardom for comedian Gabriel Iglesias. His name might not ring a bell initially but when someone mentions "Fluffy" people immediately spring to life and say things like "I love him," and "he's so funny." The comedian wears his shoes thin with seventeen years of touring and extensive travel all over the world. Initially known as a hispanic-esque comedian he quickly eclipsed that tag by appealing to all age groups and ethnicities through his unique ability to tell every day life stories, that people from all walks of life, can appreciate and laugh about. His very first theatrical concert movie is coming out July 25th simply titled "The Fluffy Movie." I caught up with the extremely busy comedian at The Four Season's Hotel in Houston.

"The Fluffy Movie" now opens July 25th after being delayed 2 weeks.
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This is his top 5 reasons to see his new film.

“First of all, you can all come with your whole family. The film is family friendly and has to do with family relationships between parents and kids. It about certain situations that people have been put in and audiences will relate to it.

Second of all, the film is PG 13. So it’s friendly to all.”
The film is funny. I mean I have sat in the screenings and watched people watch the movie. And the people are laughing from beginning to end just the same way they would at my live comedy concert.

The number three reason you gotta see my movie is that all the jokes hit in the exact same spots like when I am on-stage live. So it’s as close to being at my live comedy concert without actually being at the live event. Actually it’s a lot better because you can actually see my face a lot better or clearer versus someone who is sitting clear out in the nose bleeds.

Fourth, the film has cross-over appeal to everyone. They’ve tested the audience and everyone loves it no matter what color or race you are.

And the fifth reason... which is actually the number one reason you should attend my concert movie event is because if you want to laugh. Actually watch a real comedy.

And I got a bonus reason for you...
Fluffy” would make an amazing first date. I have a lot of people who come to my shows as a first date. People can relate to it and have something to talk about afterwards."

So there you have it direct from Fluffy himself. If you want to laugh, not matter your age or race, this is the must see movie this weekend coming. As a line-up with what's currently out there, I agree with Gabriel. His comedic film is premiering in the perfect release slot. This summer's slew of blockbusters have been filled with the usual superheroes and sequel films. For something original and guaranteed to crack you up, you can't miss with "Fluffy, The Movie."

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