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The top 5 mistakes MMA fighters make

5.   Fighters need to take the time to train properly.

All it takes is one mistake
(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Too many young fighters grow impatient and don't train properly, leaving them vulnerable in their early fights, which may ruin their career before it has begun.

4.   Fighters need to listen to their bodies.

Many fighters insist of fighting with a serious injury, whether it be the lure of the pay or the pride of the fighter. Unfortunately, it may lead to a poor performance and chance that they will have to take even more time away to heal.

3.  Fighters need to stay away from drugs, whether performance enhancing, or illegal.

Steroids, PEDs, and other drugs may lure a fighter to use them to heal or become stronger and faster, but look at what happens when the fighter gets caught. He will be suspended and may find it hard to keep his job. Just look at the career of Sean Sherk, Nick Diaz, and the steroid king, Josh Barnett.

2.  Fighters need to reach peak cardiovascular shape.

It is frustrating to watch a fighter start out strong and falter, not because of skill or talent, but because he gassed out. To lose from exhaustion is a shame for the fighter and his camp.

1. Fighters need to overestimate their opponents.

A fighter should fight as if his opponent is the toughest that he has ever fought. Too many fighters become careless and drop their guard, only to have an inferior opponent stop them or steal a decision. Losing an upset can send a fighter back to where he started.


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