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The top 10 treats for Easter

Here are the top 10 Easter treats that I selected with a little help from Alex Guarnaschelli of Food Network's America's Best Cook.

Hundreds gather to celebrate the timless traditions of Easter.
Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images
  1. Easter eggs.

Old-school traditions are always the best when it comes to Easter. As a kid, we all remember when we dyed hard-boiled eggs. This activity is a great way to do something fun, without using candy. However, my favorite was always breaking them, afterwards, and enjoying the tasty eggs.

  1. Chocolate eggs.

Another great moment when it comes to Easter is when you unwrap the foil of an egg and discover a tiny piece of chocolate inside.

  1. Jelly beans.

Now, I am not the biggest fan of this treat, but I know friends and loved one sure enjoy the richness of a handful of jelly beans.

  1. Veggies.

When it comes to Easter, a healthy alternative to sugary treats is veggies. My favorite is dipping broccoli in Ranch.

  1. More veggies.

Some more tasty veggies are tomatoes. They are good just dipped in Ranch or if you crush them into a paste, go ahead and spread it on some garlic bread with olive oil and Parmesan cheese to make your own little pizza.

  1. Bunny pretzels.

White chocolate dipped pretzels are delicious, but they are even better with pink frosting and shaped liked bunny heads.

  1. Easter shapes.

A bunny-shaped cookie cutter is great for all kinds of treats like Easter pancakes.

  1. Carrots, er, strawberries.

Orange-colored white chocolate can make strawberries look like carrots.

  1. Onion dip treat.

Try rolling onion dip in a large carrot peeling and add some parsley on top to resemble a stuffed carrot.

  1. Parsnip cake.

Carrot cake may be a tasty treat, but why not try substituting carrots with parsnips to take a shot at parsnip cake.

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