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The top 10 traits of a contemporary romance novel alpha hero

The alpha hero
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1. Confidence. The alpha hero knows exactly what to do in any situation. Birthing babies, directing traffic, holding a meeting with the President. The words “I don’t know” are not in his vocabulary. He can make a mistake, admit to it and apologize, then move on.

2. Intelligence. Whether he’s a bad boy biker or CEO of a major corporation, the alpha hero has not only brains but common sense and street smarts.

3. Good looks. He could have a broken nose or a dashing scar, but our romance alpha hero has the good looks that make the heroine weak in the knees. Steely or piercing eyes, firm lips, white teeth and of course fabulous hair no matter whether it’s a military buzz cut or tied back in a rawhide thong. Alpha heroes are hot.

4. Power. An aura surrounds the alpha male. People around him naturally defer to him (except of course, the heroine) and he thoroughly expects his every order to be followed religiously. Through body language he can dominate a meeting. He is the man in charge.

5. Clothing. The alpha hero manages to show his power no matter what he is wearing. Ripped jeans, bike leathers, Hugo Boss suit. If he’s a CEO, he generally has his own tailor and wears made-for-him shoes. His jeans fit him like a second skin, and his Stetson sits just so on his head.

6. Wealth. The alpha hero has money. Even if he doesn’t have it right this second, he will have it by the end of the story. And he’ll have earned it.

7. Vehicle. Sound silly? Picture your big, bad alpha hero in a 1980 Nova. Nope. Your alpha hero needs not just a motorcycle, but a Harley or Ducati. Not just a quarterhorse, but a virtually untameable stallion. Muscle cars, Hummers, convertibles are more his style than a Prius.

8. Profession. This is wide open. Your alpha can be in the military or own a restaurant. He can be at the top of the Forbes 100 list or paint landscapes. Lawyer, sports star, private detective or veterinarian, your alpha hero can be anything he wants, and he’ll do it extremely well.

9. Attitude. The alpha hero is all about attitude. He’s possessive, non-emotional (he thinks) and most of all, always right. He has a soft side, but rarely does anyone get a chance to break through his emotional armor to see it. He’s confident, canny and will almost always say ‘I told you so’ when someone didn’t take his advice. And yet, when he falls in love . . . he does it wholeheartedly. You can trust your alpha hero when he says 'til death do us part.'

10. Physique. The alpha hero is built. It doesn’t matter if he goes to a gym or has one built in his basement. He might even do rough physical labor for a living. He doesn’t look upon his muscles as icing on his cake, instead it proves that if he can take care of himself and his body, he can take care of anything that threatens his family, his staff or himself and yet never be a bully.

And there you have it: The alpha hero most romances are built on. No wonder women love to read about them.

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